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How to disable Parental Control in Windows 7?

With the release of a new operating system - Windows 7- Many young users faced with an unexpected problem for themselves, due to the fact that now, using an administrator account, you can limit many of the computer's capabilities. Accordingly, this "problem" requires a detailed description and solution, because many now want to know how to disable parental control. The most popular function in it is the limitation on the time spent at the computer. So, what can be done?

how to disable parental control

Method one

First of all it is necessary to consider the most simplea method that allows you to easily cope with the situation and give an idea of ​​how to disable parental control of Windows 7. The essence of this method is to change the settings of the shell program, but for this it is necessary to log in as an administrator. If there are no difficulties with this moment, then to disable the above option it is enough just to go to the "Control Panel" from the Start menu and find there a section with the corresponding name "Parental Control". When you open it, the option will be available, responsible for its deactivation, which should be started.

Lack of computer administrator rights

If, however, before disabling the parentcontrol, the user is convinced that at his disposal only a guest record, then do not despair, as there are ways to get around this restriction. True, they are a little more complicated, but, having studied the detailed instruction, you will avoid complications with their mastering.

how to disable parental control windows 7

Method of the second

This way will be very useful in those cases,when the restrictions relate to the time regime. Accordingly, to remove them, you should know how to remove parental control by changing the time and date in the key settings of the computer. To do this, go to the BIOS settings. It is necessary to press the "Delete" key on the keyboard during computer overload. For some motherboards, especially those that are used on laptops, there are other options, so you should ask which key is responsible for entering the BIOS control panel. Most often they are F2, F10, but other options are possible. So, if the input to the settings has been successful, you should go to the tab with the clock, where, using the "Enter" key, activate the required fields and enter new values ​​from the keyboard. Of course, this method does not give an exhaustive answer to the question of how to disable parental control, but nevertheless it allows you to easily circumvent the main limitation. We must not forget that after making changes, they should be saved and restarted for them to take effect. To do this, press the "F10" key and confirm their actions by pressing the "Y" key.

how to remove parental control

Method Three

In order to understand how to disable the parentcontrol this way, you need to activate the command line or run the Start menu. In the first case, you need to press the "Win + R" combination on the keyboard, and in the second case, just open the "Start" menu, where there is a "Search" field. There you enter the command "Gpedit.msc" and press "Ok" or "Enter". In the window that opens, you need to find the "Security Settings" section. To do this, pay attention to the section "Computer Configuration" - "Local Policies". There are two options that need to be changed. Both of them begin with the words "Control of accounting ...". To achieve the desired result, in one of them, activate the function "Request credentials on a secure ...", and in the second - "Raise without a query".