/ / "Skyrim". Ebonite armor. Where to find and what to do with it

"Skyrim." Ebonite armor. Where to find and what to do with it

In the game "Skyrim" ebony armor is similarNord carved armor in terms of its performance, but slightly heavier. It is classified as heavy armor. The breastplate itself is part of the ebonite equipment of the protagonist. Where and how to get it, it will be indicated in the article.

skyrim ebonite armor

This eternal "Skyrim"

Ebonite armor is not the most populararmor in the game. By its characteristics, it is much better than the orcish, but worse than the dragon plate. With the daedric, it is not even worth comparing. This type of armor is considered by players only as an intermediate stage in the development of armor wearing skills.

But the ebonite blade is beautiful, elegant, with an interesting design - often used for art, not battles, because without proper enchantments is not particularly useful.

In any case, however fascinating any fragmentarmor of their ebonite, will not last long. The main reason is that a lot of more interesting and useful things are still lying in the unexplored corners of the province of Skyrim.

Ebonite armor. Where to find and when?

Approximately 32 or 33 levels of armor will come across in the open spaces of the province. There are several ways to find it:

  • The easiest way is to kill the enemy in such armor and remove from it;
  • slightly more difficult - by accidental coincidence, found in any box, chest or hiding place in the vastness of Tamriel, under the ground or under water;
  • buy from a trader or blacksmith;
  • to forge yourself;
  • enter the cheat and get it in inventory.

skyrim armor


For those who like to get everything honestly,it will be necessary to develop blacksmithing to level 80, learn the appropriate type of armor in the skill tree, then go to the nearest smithy, having five ebonite ingots and three skin strips.

Strips can be obtained from the object "skin" with a tanning machine, and pure ore is melted down into ingots using a smelter.

After manufacturing it is possible to use a workbench for armor upgrade. It is recommended that you continue to the next pentagram of souls to cast a spell on the created item.

Skyrim. Daedric Armor

As already mentioned, this type of armor isSomething intermediate in the development of Dovakin. If the hunt is to get rid of, but to sell or throw out a pity, do not despair. There is a wonderful place that will help to find a worthy use of a cuirass.

In the dungeons of the College of Winterhold there is a place forthe name of Midden, and in it - the forge of Atronachs - one of the many mysterious places of the province of Skyrim. Ebonite armor is the ingredient for creating the daedric armor. True, for this, it should not be enchanted.

It is enough to put the ebonite armor, the heart of the Daedra, the black stone of the soul and the core of the centurion generator, into the Atronachian Forge, and then press the lever.

skyrim mode for ebonite armor


In Skyrim, the ebonite armor mode for the most part replaces its texture with a more attractive one. Less often, it rewrites the characteristics.

Lovers "peremazyvatsya" game of various kindsimprovements very much like the version of the fashion for female characters, adding to the game ebonite armor with a deep neckline, metallic bikini and ridiculous armored plates.


It should be noted that in Skyrim, ebonyArmor is not a vital artifact, without which further passage of the game becomes unthinkable. This type of uniform is not given much attention. Even the unique mail from ebonite that goes to Dovakin after completing the quest "Call of Boethia" does not represent a special value.

Because it is either sold to someone, oris thrown out, or simply put on a dummy in the personal mansion of the protagonist and performs the functions of a museum exhibit. The same fate often comprehends the types of armor that get into the game through amateur mods for Skyrim. Armor in this game is the same fickle thing as socks in real life - somewhere are lost, broken, a couple of times repaired, and in the end remain unnecessary. Especially to find this armor is quite simply in the open spaces of the Skyrim province.

skyrim ebonite armor where to find

Ebonite armor is also obtained throughuse cheats - with the command player.additem 00013961 1 one instance of this falls into the inventory. How long that lies there is another question. But, based on all the above, it follows that not very much.

In the end, most players still want a full set of Daedric armor.