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Escape the mansion: walkthrough

In this article we will consider the passagegames Escape the mansion. This is a logical game with elements of mysticism, distributed in the Play Market service for devices running the Android operating system.

The player enters the mansion and encountersmysterious events. To get out of this floppy place, the player will have to solve puzzles, pass mini-games. In the game Escape the mansion, the passage of which will be considered in the article, currently has 217 levels. We will look at the passing of the game in the initial stages and describe the basic principles that will help at higher levels.

Escape the mansion: passing levels

escape the mansion

It is based on the detection of hidden objects.The keys behind the pictures, hidden clues - all this is not a small part of what the player will face in solving the tasks assigned to him. Passage of the game Escape the mansion requires the ability to think more or less logically. That's why (along with censorship) the game has a recommendation for distribution in the age groups of 12 years.

Escape the mansion: passing levels 1-5

escape the mansion

Before the game starts we will be offered 3 difficulty levels. They are given at the discretion of the user. It is better to choose "initial" in unfamiliar games to simply get acquainted with what awaits you.

Level 1. We select scrap lying on the floor, and choose it in the arsenal. After that, we break the boards and get out of the room.

Level 2. We will be asked to go into the section with the help ofget clues. We agree. Then there will be a narration about the types of hints, it will be offered to choose one of them. In Escape the mansion, a step-by-step walkthrough will help you figure out what and for what is on the level. However, tips - paid, will have to give the game currency. But we are a bit distracted from the passage. Click on the picture next to the door and, when it falls, we take the key. They open the lock on the door.

Level 3. To complete the level, you will have to tilt the device. In a few seconds, you need to hold the ball rolling on the surface.

Level 4. You must drop the chandelier! Shake your device, and then see what happened. Together with the chandelier, a key also fell from the ceiling, which is needed to open the door leading to the next level.

Level 5. Again we are asked to buy a clue.In Escape the mansion the passage can also be simplified. It's bonuses and endless time. The upper left block is moved to the right as far as it will go. Remaining on the left flank - we lift upwards, the bottom one - we shift to the left. The same operation is done with a block in two cells. As we can see, two vertical blocks block the way. However, nothing prevents us from moving them down and thus freeing the key for the key.


escape the mansion

Here, perhaps, the main moves that will be requiredfor the successful passage of the game. Do not forget about the tips, but do not abuse them. Remember that all complex tasks consist of many simple ones. And we have already learned to solve them.


Next, one more hint will be offered.It will allow you to instantly complete the level if there is no desire or opportunity to go through it manually. It will also be suggested to use an assistant who will open the door for free. But each time more and more time will go to his "reboot".