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A handbook on how to draw in Google

Working with documents on the Internet or composinglecture summary on a virtual disk, sometimes it is necessary to resort to the help of the graphic editor. After all, records, accompanied by graphs and diagrams, are much more convenient to read, and such documents look much more visible than solid gray text. Google creates all possible conditions for the convenience of its customers. In this article, we'll look at how to draw in Google. It is not too complicated.

How to draw in Google. Method number 1. Google Docs Service

To add a picture to your documenton a virtual disk, you must first create an account on the official website of the developer. After the authorization, you can download the application for Google docs to your computer (this is done in order to synchronize the Google disk on a computer with a virtual disk) and start working.

When you create a document, you simply selectfunction "Insert droming". The graphic editor is quite simple to use and does not require additional skills. The picture is inserted into the text as an image, leaving the possibility of further editing. The function is available from any browser, so there is no need to install additional plug-ins.

how to draw in google
How to draw in Google. Method number 2. Google Drive

Drawing in Google is available not only in documents. To do this, simply log on to Google Drive, click on the orange "Create" button and select "Picture".

How to draw in Google. Method number 3. Google Maps

To the general joy of drivers, scooters,skateboarders, motorcyclists and many other people who require bypass routes in their hometown, in Google Maps you can create your own map with your favorite route and send out to everyone you know. In this case, of course, mandatory registration on Google Maps service, as well as a personal toolbar, which will become available to the user immediately after registration.

All functions on the site are presented in English, but this is unlikely to be a problem for those already familiar with the Google Translite service.

how to draw in google

In order to create a map, in the upper leftcorner select "Create new map", to indicate the starting point, we find it on the map, in the tools we select an icon that looks like an inverted drop. and mark the starting point. To draw a route, use the ruler. However, it should be remembered that every touch to the map leaves a point, and a double tap connects the drawn points in one line. Using the ruler, scrolling is best done with the mouse, since "dragging" in this case does not work.

Tools are equipped with a "header" function, which is also very useful when compiling an individual itinerary.

How to draw in Google. Google Play services apps

If all the above described ways of howto draw on Google, you do not fit, but you just want to spend time pleasantly or to take the child a useful thing, welcome to play.google.com! Here you will find a large number of interesting drawing applications, from a simple graphical editor to a self-instruction manual for drawing and creating three-dimensional images.

drawing in google

One such program is "How to draw" from the developer ArtelPlus. It is equipped with a step-by-step self-instruction manual and a wide range of tools.

Draw and have fun!