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Manhunt: walkthrough

Constantly the gaming industry releasedProjects that differed in their cruelty. Somewhere you can beat a passer-by, somewhere - shoot your hand, but all this was kept within limits, even though it caused some indignation from opponents of violence in computer games. But then appeared Manhunt ... Passage of this game makes you lose the gift of speech from the amount of cruelty occurring on the screen. Moreover, you yourself do it. However, despite the extremely unusual type of game, it captivates and does not release the player from the screen.

The Basics of Manhunt

In this game you have to try on the roleserial maniac and bloodthirsty killer, who was at large and who, naturally, was declared to be hunting. However, your hero is not so simple - he can manage with any weapon and does it extremely skillfully, intimidating hunters, and more often - even without letting them get scared. And you can play on two different levels of complexity, which offers you Manhunt, - the passage from this radically changes. At the first level of complexity, your ceiling is only four stars, one of which is given to you if you managed to pass the level in the allotted time, and the remaining three can be earned with the help of sophisticated murders. On the second level of complexity, one star is given at once, since it is much more difficult to pass the levels (levels) here. In the first case, you have a radar, which indicates the location of hunters, as well as various items, weapons and ammunition, and in the second there is no radar, so you will have to act blindly. Passage of the game Manhunt becomes much easier on the first level of complexity, but the maximum number of stars you can not type there.

Weapons for passing the game

The passage of the game manhunt

To complete the game, you will need weapons - a lotweapons. With the help of it you can get rid of hunters and make bloody slaughterhouses. It does not matter which weapon you like best. In Manhunt, the passage in any case is to kill everyone, and make it as spectacular as possible. You will not be able to pass through the level, getting the gun and going to the frontal to the enemy - your hero will die from one or two shots. Therefore, it is better to act more secretly. Passage of the game Manhunt-2 is also different precisely this feature. In your arsenal will be a variety of weapons, from a plastic bag to a shotgun, as well as various methods of murder.

Passage of game manhunt 2
Execution and its meaning

If you play in Manhunt, the passage for youwill consist in obtaining the maximum number of stars, and this is possible only if you act particularly cruelly and subtly. You can try to shoot or kill all the hunters, but get a minimum of stars for it. In order to get the maximum, you need to be able to use the shadow and penalty. In the shadow you can hide from hunters, in this game there is no smooth transition, so remember - if you are in the shadows, you are not visible, and if you are not in the shadows, you can be seen. Therefore, carefully sneak up to the hunters from behind and activate the execution, which is of several types for each weapon. The protagonist can drive an ax into the skull of the hunter, strangle it with a packet, cut the machete into pieces, turn his head into a shotgun sieve and much more. Thanks to sophisticated executions, you can complete the game and earn the maximum rating.