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Google Alert: all the details

Google Alert is a notification system with a hugepotential. However, you should learn how to apply it correctly to solve different problems. Today, we will consider the operation of this device on examples.

Briefly about the possibilities

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The service from Google.com Alerts allows you to perform various actions, among them: prompt detection of plagiarism, monitoring of backlinks, tracking of social signals, search for spam.

Why it was at "Google" appeared this tool

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The resource is far beyond the search engine. At the same time, most of the information about their users is collected from Google's proprietary browser, as well as the mobile OS "Android." In fact, we are dealing with the largest analytical company in the world. Google Alert directly relates to the search. The system's robot is not very selective. Thus, the search service gets everything that could recognize a special algorithm. Then the data passes the stage of site evaluation. In all this, the instrument that we talked about today will help and understand.

Google Alerts: what it is and how to use it

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In fact, we have a superstructure above the search,It allows to instantly track the emergence of information of interest to the user in the whole Internet, or on a certain resource. The tool informs about all novelties that enter the index of the search engine. Google Alert also allows you to use operators. To work, you need an account that is the same for all company services. For example, if it is necessary to spend a vacation in the most economical way, an alert about the appearance of hot tours is appropriate. You can use a number of additional settings, using the "More options" function.

The "Frequency of shipment" item is responsible for the schedulereceipts of letters with news from the system. Receiving alerts every time the results appear is not always convenient. Well-proven daily reports. The "Sources" option allows you to select the type of content among which you will search for information on a topic of interest. For example, the emergence of a new video, a blog post or a book of the necessary subjects.

If you want to track records only in"Yutube", this can be done by adding a special Site operator to the input. "Language, Country" - select these parameters, so that only those resources are tracked, information from which can be read without using dictionaries.

The parameter "Quality" allows you to askthe Google Alerts tool to send new information received only on trusted resources or at all. "Delivery" - you can choose the option of receiving news on the topic. This is the e-mail address in the RSS feed. After completing the settings, click the "Create Alert" item. You can proceed with the next query. In total, one account can have up to 1000 such applications. Buttons for editing, as well as deleting ads are from them on the right side. Developers of virtual resources can, thanks to the service, receive information about new links on the Internet that lead to their sites. You can also track the mentions of your own project on the pages of social networks.