/ / ISO files - how to unpack? Program for opening ISO files

ISO files - how to unpack? Program for opening ISO files

Let's look at what they representISO-files, how to unpack and work with these materials. Imagine you downloaded from the Internet a game or a movie. However, they do not want to open and have instead of the usual .exe format or .avi video .iso extension.


The described file type is called the virtual disk image in another way. Answer to

iso files how to unpack
the question of how ISO files will work, how to unpack them, directly depends on what program you will use to run this extension.
However, it is necessary to clarify the definition and note,that .iso is a digital image of an optical disc (it can be a copy of an existing CD / DVD-ROM or an artificially made image). We have chosen for you several programs that will help you understand how to run the ISO file. Let us consider them in sequence.

ISO files: how to unpack with WinRAR

Let's start with one of the simplest programs that can open ISO files. It's all about the famous WinRAR archiver. We will not dwell on

program for opening iso files
all properties of the archiver, we will consider onlyDisc Image Opening. If you only need the archiver as a program for opening ISO-files, its use will not cause difficulties. Use the right mouse button to click on the ISO file.
You will see the context menu, find in itthe "Extract" tab. Thus, the file will be automatically opened via WinRAR, which will prompt you to select the directory to extract the contents of the disk image. It remains to wait until the information available in the ISO file is transferred to the specified location.

Note that the Windows 7 ISO file can be placed on a flash drive, if you need to reinstall the system. There is a separate category of programs for creating multi-boot removable media.

Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools is a program for opening ISO files, but not only. She happens to be

how to run the iso file
emulator, which creates virtual drives,installing them on a computer, they allow you to open a virtual disk image that has the .iso permission. In other words, the application allows the computer to recognize .iso as a disk in a CD or DVD drive.

We will not dwell on all the subtletiesDaemon Tools, let's just look at how the ISO files are opened with this application. First, download and install the program on your computer. Launch the application. In the main window, click on "Add image". Select the ISO file, click the "Open" button.

The image will be placed in the program. Click the icon with the right mouse button, select the "Mount Image" item. Specify the disk image. The ISO file will be automatically launched.

ISO files: how to unpack images with Ultra ISO

From the name of the application it can be seen that it is specially designed for processing

how to run the iso file
images of disks.At the same time, it is quite easy to work with the program. Let's look at the procedure for playing an ISO file in several steps. Download and install the application on your computer. Run it. Go to the "File" section and select the "Open" tab, find the desired file and specify it.

After the ISO file is opened, you will see all the contents of it on the right side of the program window. And now you can extract these files to your computer, and after that you can easily run them.

Features of the program Alcohol 120%

A well-known program that allows you to work withimages. It will help start or play the contents of ISO files. The application may seem difficult to handle for novice users. The program is paid, for its constant use it is necessary to purchase a licensed version. Let's look at how to apply Alkohol 120%.

Download and install the program on your computer.When installing, you will be prompted to create a virtual drive. Confirm this action. Restart the computer. After booting the system among the available drives, you will see a new one, it is necessary to open the file.

Select the desired file, click on it with the right mouse button and click on the item "Mount Image". After specifying an image, autorun is performed, it will allow you to see the contents of the file.

Power ISO

The Power ISO program is small and simpleIn use by the emulator for starting disk images. This is an extended version of the Ultra ISO application, which allows you to play both ISO files and other images that have .md2-5, .mdl, .mdf, .bin permissions.

Free archiver 7-zip

Download the program on the official website.Install it. The application provides two methods for decompressing the ISO image. The first is to get access to the entire contents of the image. The second is to use a particular file that is inside the copy of the disk. Let's start with the first method.

Right-click on your file.In the menu, select "7-zip - Unpack". Before you open a dialog box, at the top of which there is a special field. In it, specify the path for unpacking the image. Now we will discuss the second method. Run the 7-zip application. Use the "Tools" function, go to "Settings", and after "System". Check the box next to "ISO", save the settings.

Find your image. Double click on it with the left mouse button. Select the file you need, press "Eject". Further, all actions are similar to those described in the first method.


CDBurnerXP is an excellent solutionfor beginners. The application is provided completely free of charge, compatible with the operating system Windows 7, excellently copes with the format. In the program, the program is very simple.

What can Nero do?

Nero is a paid program, but it has 15 days of free work.

iso files how to unpack
Download the application from the official site.Install it. During the installation, always click on "Next" and do not forget to accept the terms of the license agreement. Start NeroStartSmart and select the NeroImageDrive function.

Enable the first drive, go to step"First drive", find the "Open" button - click not it, find the file on the computer, click "Open". Next, "OK." The file will be automatically downloaded to the virtual drive, it can be opened in the "Computer" as a CD / DVD-drive.

Further all is similar to the examples described above. Here we are and figured out what ISO files are, how to unpack and work with this format. We hope that your advice has been useful to you.