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Rust: game review

The game Rust, whose review is presented in thisarticle, was developed by the English company Facepunch Studios. The basis was the Source engine. The appearance of the game was influenced by such projects as Stalker and DayZ. The first versions were significantly different from what is presented in the game today. Only thanks to many improvements and additions to the game there were a lot of opportunities.

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December 11, 2013 - the date of the appearance of Rust. You should start the game review from this moment. Initially on Rust no one had high hopes. However, after two weeks, the number of copies sold sold over one hundred and fifty thousand, which indicates a great popularity among gamers.

After only a year, namely, in January 2014the best selling game was Rust. The review on it at that time could be found on almost all game resources. February of the same year was the moment when the number of sales exceeded one million.

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The creation of the game was the same studio thatdeveloped the famous Garry's Mod. Those who know him know that he is distinguished by a huge variety of game. The game owes an abundance of all modes, first of all, to the head of the company Facepunch Studios - Harry Newman. Thanks to his love of diversity in Rust, the review of which is presented in the article, there is a huge number of objects with excellent detail. In addition, the game is not deprived of regular additions and improvements, which bring a lot of innovations in the gameplay.


As already mentioned above, the developer studiovery scrupulously refers to its product, which led to the emergence of two projects - Rust and Rust Experimental. An overview of this branch is also presented in the article. The division was due to the fact that the company considered the game code as not perfect, and soon it was decided to create another parallel project.

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Soon after the release of Experimental gamingthe community shared. After all, they were presented with two completely different products having the same name - Rust. The review of the game in Russian became even more relevant, as many gamers wanted to know the differences.

Initially, the offshoot was not perceived by players as a full-fledged game. Rather, it was considered a project for developers to test.

Many gamers felt that the creation of a fullya new project is meaningless. Rust was a good game, which needed to get rid of cheaters and improve graphics. However, after about two years, when Experimental received significant improvements, gamers began to treat it much better, and many even abandoned the original Rust.


Over time, the first project completely turned into Rust Legacy. The review of the game continues from the moment when the original Rust almost completely ceased to be updated and was abandoned by many gamers.

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However, we should say a few flattering words aboutRust Legacy. The game has an amazing atmosphere and excellent mechanics. In the meantime Experimental has more beautiful graphics and details of every detail. While reviewing the game Rust, we can not help saying that its development and improvement are still occurring. Developers regularly release updates that make improvements to every minor part of the game.

Game process

So, after considering the main points of the appearance anddevelopment of Rust, let's move directly to the game process. The main task before the gamer is survival. The game starts with a minimum set of items in the backpack. Other resources will have to be obtained on their own. In order not to die of hunger, it is necessary to hunt, and to build a dwelling - to engage in the extraction of wood.

Of course, the game is more interesting and fun (and even easier) to play in the company of friends. The group is much easier to fight off enemies and get food.

The player will have to constantly struggle with various difficulties - hunger, radiation, attacks of people and animals and so on.

At the very beginning of the game, the gamer can create only the most necessary items. To obtain new skills to create, you have to kill animals, and also check chests.


In the daytime the player has nothing specialfear and you can freely explore the terrain and extract resources. In principle, this process is very similar to the popular game Minecraft. It's better to wait in a safe place. With the onset of the night, zombies are beginning to wander, and it is very difficult to obtain any resources. Especially you can see at a distance no more than a meter. However, if you find yourself in the dark, do not despair. In the inventory there is a torch that will light the way.

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There are various factors in the game that affecton the state of the character. Avoiding radiation and cold is easy enough, but it's difficult to fight with hunger. We'll have to hunt and get food all the time. When the critical level of hunger is reached, the character will die.


In the game it is presented quite diverse. You can create a lot of different things, from items for the home, ending with weapons. At the first stages of the game will be quite difficult. However, when the player has the most necessary tools - an ax, a pickax and so on - it becomes much easier.

Resources in Rust are limited. For example, a character can not get more than nine boards from a tree. In general, the extraction of a tree often turns into a rather difficult task. Sometimes a player is lucky, and he finds himself in the forest more often, and sometimes in the desert, where there are practically no trees. The stone is much easier to find. It comes across almost everywhere, but it takes a pick to extract it.

Other resources are less common, and additional tools are often needed to extract them. In this case, often will have to compete for rare items with other players.