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"Mafia 3": a review of the game

The game Mafia 3 currently has a veryhigh popularity among users from different parts of the world. In the context of this adventure, you have to participate in a criminal organization. In this new part, you will not play for the Italian, but for another character, whose name is Lincoln. If you have not yet participated in this project, but you want to learn more about it, then we recommend that you read the review below. "Mafia 3" on the PC - in the spotlight.

A family

Mafia 3 Review

The developers of the game have worked the story for glory,also other important elements are at a high level. Our character is a black guy named Lincoln. For a long time he searched for his family, or rather those people for whom he would have bravely given his life.

Review of the game "Mafia 3" we decided not to bringall the details, so the story will be slightly reduced, but the most important points you will definitely learn. All events will occur in the sixties in one of the cities of the USA. Our main character recently returned from the war in Vietnam and is already looking forward to meeting with his family. However, when he comes to his house, he finds there only the corpses of his loved ones and not a single living person. This tragedy occurred right after the family did not share something with the local mafia, and they quickly decided to settle this conflict. Naturally, our hero did not like this, and now he wholeheartedly wants to take revenge on those who killed his family. In fact, everything turns out to be not so simple, as his opponent becomes a large criminal organization, which is almost impossible to defeat.


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If you are interested in the game "Mafia 3", the review will openall its secrets. In fact, our hero was not killed by the whole family, and accordingly, those who managed to survive, will help him. Of course, such a small team, consisting of only a few people, simply has absolutely no chance of winning. Therefore, only anticipatory thinking will help them, as well as a plan worked out in advance.

"Mafia 3": review, passage and features

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This section will be primarily interestingthose players who are stuck on one of the missions. In the "Mafia" there is a small number of stages, but they are all very long, and accordingly, going through them will not be so easy. Of course, someone wants to reach a certain level faster, and in that case, there is simply no way to do without additional prompts. Let's now give an overview of the game "Mafia 3", detailing the gameplay in detail.

In fact, in this respect, the developers of manythe players were a little disappointed, since nothing has changed in the new version, and there was not introduced anything unusual. You have to drive around the city in your own car and carry out various tasks, which may include firing off enemies, as well as other interesting assignments. Also in the new version of the game you can change clothes to your character, for example, to use special equipment, to upgrade the car. Of course, the third part is slightly different from the previous ones, but in fact these are the same developments, only in a new format.

"Mafia 3": graphics overview

The new version of the game is pleased with the fact that everything aroundbecame a bit more realistic and lively than in the previous ones. For example, when you walk through the city, pedestrians can turn around and build up a shameful grimace. They are simply surprised that a black passer-by appeared in their city. Recall, the action takes place in the sixties.

Such additions are in fact smallnumber, but the developers still in this regard have done a good job. Passers-by also have the opportunity to call the police or make a real panic. Patrols will treat you with disbelief, while they will throw slanting glances in your direction.


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Immediately after you go into the game, you immediatelywill be transferred to the 60s. Graphic designers and fashion designers worked on this atmosphere. So, "Mafia 3", the review of which we conclude, you should be pleasantly surprised. There is a completely new navigation, and the city in which you will be playing is very realistic. In our opinion, the graphics in this game looks much more worthy than even in more modern projects of this genre. Also I would like to mention that for a full enjoyment of the process you need a modern personal computer. Otherwise, there may be problems or the game will not load at all.

"Mafia 3" is really very interestingdevelopment, since this game can easily compete with others. Today, it is very popular. For the game are also available various add-ons that are gradually added. However, in previous versions there were also many different improvements. For example, you could add new cars and use cheats. Now you can understand what "Mafia 3" is. Review it to you in this will help.