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Red Dead Redemption: the passage of an interactive western

This game is one of the mostattractive and original exclusives on gaming consoles. This is one of the most chic and plausible westerns to date. John Marston is the key character of all the events developing throughout the game Red Dead Redemption. Passage, filled with many sharp turns, fascinating plot and entertainment will make any gamer go through this game to the very end.

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New Austin - on the edge of the world

Now turn to the information about the main characterRed Dead Redemption. Passage of the game over time will open up new sides of both its character and other minor personalities. To begin with, you should say a few words about the past of the main character. In truth, it was not very bright - a former recidivist was carrying out illegal activities in several states. It's good that John thought about it and got out of it. Now he works as a bounty hunter, working for the federal government. He is entrusted with a difficult business - to go to the far west, the border of the end of civilization, a kind of abandoned corner by the dubbing of New Austin. It is here that you need to calculate and destroy your former accomplices in criminal cases. Mainly, the passage of the game Red Dead Redemption will be tied up at this event.

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New acquaintances, old troubles

During the game in Red Dead Redemption, the passagewhich will be stretched for one day, John will get acquainted with the new characters. Some will become close friends, others will be sworn enemies. Bonnie McFarlen is one of those lovely ladies who find it difficult to refuse help. At the beginning of the game you will be given the opportunity to do this by familiarizing yourself with the main features of the game and management. It will be necessary to help the girl to protect her farm from the attacks of rabbits and coyotes (vegetable garden and chicken coop, respectively). After a successful assignment, John will be given his own home, in which you can replenish ammunition, change clothes and save the game.

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Obstacles on the way

Here, John will be the first horseback riding ingame Red Dead Redemption. Passing this task will be greatly facilitated if you focus on the yellow points on the map, which are analogues of the fires scattered throughout the territory. But it should be remembered that horses in the wild west differ in their character. Too sharp rider can safely fly to the nearest bushes. The longer Marston will ride the same horse, the easier it will be to cope with it. Also do not forget to keep an eye on the animal's endurance scale. This is one of the most important indicators when chasing Red Dead Redemption. Passage of this mission does not imply a victory over the companion, but it is still possible.


The next task of John will be transportationBonnie in the local town of Armadillo is a thriving and cozy corner. Carry it slowly, trying to remember the road on some memorable objects. You often have to travel this kind of. On arrival at his destination, Bonnie will give Marston money to buy some kind of universal medicine. It is worth going to the pharmacy. An interesting addition to this project was the DLC called Red Dead Redemption: Undead, the passage of which is based on the opposition of a whole horde of zombies.