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Dead State: Reanimated - an overview of the plot, tasks, features of the game

Select a decent application in which you canhave a great time - this requires a thorough study of the release or review of a particular project. In order not to waste time in vain and simply relax with pleasure, you just need to choose a good game, high-quality and interesting. Many games released in 2014, struck their ideas, like the project Dead State: Reanimated. The review of the plot, the gameplay, the characters and the main features of this game will allow many participants to understand that this project has the right to exist and can be downloaded to a computer device for passage.
What are the features of the game? What is its difference from other projects?

About the game

The gameplay in this game is quite impressive: The world captured by zombies turned the existence of people into a psychological hell. Now, mankind is threatened not so much by the danger posed by living dead as by the human factor: people are obsessed, they have experienced the greatest stress, losing their loved ones. Now there is only one goal - to survive in this chaos, to find shelter and save mankind from extinction. It is you who will lead the small group of people first and seek salvation in the Dead State: Reanimated. Overview of the plot itself and the realities that all players can now observe, says the opposite.

Dead State: Reanimated review
In the story, the character is always in some kind ofdissonance, all the time, something is missing. In fact, the design decisions and what the developers talked about are different: the game does not inspire such tension. There is not even a feeling that something might be missing. The character is always at hand, and at the very beginning he did not experience any tragedy ... In general, the atmosphere and tension in this game is definitely not enough.


What is noteworthy is one point: in this project the participant is always busy with something. Although the bulk is fighting, but there are other important cases in Dead State: Reanimated. The review of the main tasks will be too great, because there are a lot of them. But if we look briefly, then the participant, in addition to fighting, has more construction and strengthening of the shelter. In passing, it is required to explore new weapons, to modify the trash, which will constantly replenish in the "bins". These are the most important tasks, but the fulfillment of minor missions is mandatory. So, it is required to constantly examine the inhabitants of the shelter for diseases, to help in the treatment, and even to teach survivors of the English language in order to somehow overcome the language barrier.

review Dead State: Reanimated
It is also necessary to carry out "looting" and"Raids" on the booths with medicines in the Dead State: Reanimated. An overview of the main tasks allows the participant to correctly focus their forces: if there is a fight soon, then you need to stock up on weapons and medicines, if the battle is only over, attention is redirected to the shelter and the wounded.


But do not forget that to consider the tasks,plot and gameplay - this is just a small part of the information that is required by a gamer to determine whether this game is worthy of his free time. There is a project Dead State: Reanimated its features, which slightly repel the player from passing. First, the very idea that the character is in apocalyptic time is a little distorted. All the heroes of the game do not need anything, they even have luxury items: toothpaste, cigarettes or books. Secondly, it is necessary to fight not only with living dead, but also with people. As it was stated, this is a psychological stress for characters, in which instincts take their own, but, in fact, the battles here with people are much more powerful and terrible than with zombies.

Dead State: Reanimated

For the battle against other groupings for resourceshave to come up with tactics, new weapons and so on. Thirdly, this dialogue support, which is too tight in the game Dead State: Reanimated. Sometimes there is a feeling that the characters just do what they say. Not all gamers like dialogues and "penetrate" the essence of the story, so if a participant is not a fan of reading, and more like doing business, then this game will be a bit boring.

Opinion of participants

Many participants note both positive andnegative sides. This project is not ideal: there are terrible monsters, and a certain psychological drama, which in many other projects may not be enough. Cons, too, there are, and more so they relate to graphics. Zombies are ordinary, not the worst, and sometimes it's a pity to kill them.

game review Dead State: Reanimated
The surrounding space itself also has its owndefects: a permanent jam in the textures will make itself felt, but in general the game is interesting, and this is proved by this review. Dead State: Reanimated is an apocalyptic trash where you can become the main one in a group of survivors and save the world from collapse and chaos.


Released in 2014, the game did not become the mostthe expected project, and in the number of the best apocalyptic RPG, it also did not enter, but it has its advantages and dignities, which this game narrates this review. Dead State: Reanimated is an interesting role-playing game with its own genre features. Choosing this game for yourself, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the apocalypse, you should not hope for something super-powerful. Quite a classic game and a pretty quick passage - that's what awaits the participant.