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Lenovo v580c: detailed review

Today we decided to write about the Lenovo laptopv580c. The review will be detailed, as this IdeaPad portable PC is highly popular, but not many know what attracts this device to customers. The model is fast and contains many positive qualities, and also has an affordable cost. However, if you compare the ThinkPad devices that Lenovo also produces, you can determine that some characteristics are affected.

PC Alternative

lenovo v580c
The Lenovo v580c is a good replacementpersonal computer, but wearing this device constantly with itself will not be quite convenient. The thickness of the case is 35.7 mm in a closed form, and in fact the device only in the picture looks very light and thin. In the manufacture of this laptop, not only lightweight plastic was used, but also metal, so the external data of the new device is much better than the old model.

Weak sides

The disadvantage is the thin cover, whichbends even with low weight, and if you start the comparison with the HP Envy 15, you can determine that the characteristics of the V580c are much inferior. In general, we can only say that the design has become more modern, but the build quality for some reason remains the same.

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In the considered device - Lenovo v580c -the characteristics are really good, and now we will talk in detail about the connectors and communications that are present in the device. There have been a lot of negative statements about ports, but still the most necessary in the laptop is available. There is a card reader, two outputs for connecting video, as well as several fast USB ports. This is quite enough for a multimedia device. The laptop is equipped with a Centrino Wireless-N 2200 adapter, which is responsible for wireless connections, it's WiFi and Bluetooth. The most interesting thing is that there is also a wireless transmission for the video signal WiDi. There is also a special PCIe MiniCard slot, which has mSATA support. If necessary, it can be installed modem, media or USB-drive.

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It is possible to allocate a minus: the bundle Lenovo v580c is modest and does not offer any surprises to the buyer. You get a laptop, an adapter, and also a battery. Many certainly would like to become the owner of a bag, but it, unfortunately, is not present. Now let's look at the input device in Lenovo v580c. The keyboard did not get anything at all, compared with its predecessors. Dimensions of the input device - 34x11 cm. In addition, it can be called that the manufacturer used the entire site, and, accordingly, the layout has also received a digital unit.

Among the disadvantages is that the keyboardNotebook is not equipped with a backlight, although at present it can be found in almost every modern device. The touchpad is executed surprisingly high quality and modernized beyond recognition. Its dimensions are not large - 10.5x7 cm, and the smooth surface perfectly takes touch of the hand.

In general, Lenovo v580c can be attributed to the budgettype, and it is most suitable for a student or an office worker. Despite the low cost, this laptop has its advantages, for example, you can mention the anti-glare display and a comfortable keyboard, which we talked about earlier.

Most of Lenovo's laptop computers can be referred to the Essential line, but it's easy to meet inexpensive models in other series.


The laptop we are talking about is being releasedin several variants, they differ in configuration, so if you still decide to buy this model, then we recommend that you pay attention to all the details. The device has a dual-core Intel Core i3-3120M processor, which has a clock speed of 2.5 GHz. RAM - 4 GB, however, for simple tasks, as well as to work this is enough. Hard disk size of 300 GB, of which for work allocated only 285.14 GB. The rest of the memory was used to restore the system, as well as to other solutions.

As we mentioned earlier, this device is equipped withanti-glare display that has LED backlighting, which means that the device will be convenient to control, even if the sun's rays get on the screen.

This is not all surprises. The screen is widescreen, and its diagonal is equal to 15.6 inches, and the maximum resolution that can be set is 1366 × 768 pixels.

lenovo v580c review

When choosing Lenovo v580c reviews from other reviewsusers are of great importance. You can go into a dead end, since it is now easy to find both positive and negative responses. Of course, immediately it will be difficult to determine the choice, but if you yourself compare all the minuses and pluses, then pay your attention to the price, then you will be able to fully know this device and understand whether you need such a laptop or not. By the way, Lenovo is a computer company with Chinese origin. The brand is registered in Singapore. At the same time, the headquarters are in Perceuse, in the US state of New York. The main offices are located in Beijing, as well as Raili (USA).