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Power Armor and Nuclear Block Fallout 4

The title of one of the most anticipated, and most importantlyinteresting and therefore addictive for hundreds of hours of computer games in 2015, won the project Fallout 4. Talk about it can be almost infinite, a lot of innovations in comparison with the previous parts of the series did their job - many fans of the series were delighted.

Briefly about the merits of the game

how to charge a nuclear unit in fallout 4

Of course, everyone will find in the world of Fallout 4 something that will be liked most. But almost all the players note such advantages of the project:

  • The protagonist is absolutely unlimited in actions. Every gamer is the creator of his world.
  • A certain "historicity" of the project. Walks in the wasteland make the player involuntarily believe what he sees.
  • The absence of an explicit division of the parties into unequivocally good and indisputably evil. Everyone can simply accept the point of view that is closer to him.

In addition, the players are especially grateful to the developers for the fact that they introduced a new system of interaction with the characters, as well as made more varied and more interesting the use of power armor.

Let's look in more detail in the use of power armor, as well as find out what the nuclear unit of Fallout 4 is used for.

The most reliable armor

Inherited from other parts of the series, in Fallout4 power armor continues to be the best and most reliable armor in the game. This element of the protagonist's arsenal is guaranteed the maximum degree of protection, even from grenades, not to mention bullets. In addition, the power armor protects against the impact of energy, radiation and thermal weapons and is capable of enabling a long stay under water. Another advantage of such protection is the ability to withstand the attacks of the queen swallows and the legendary deadly claws. In Fallout 4, power armor is the ideal solution for protection in close combat. All this means that, provided that the inventory has a nuclear unit, the Fallout 4-protagonist becomes really protected, being in any location.

nuclear block fallout 4

Types of power armor

During the passage of Fallout 4, the player cantake advantage of five types of power armor. They are presented by raider model, T-45, model T-51, more powerful T-60 and best-X-01. In a full set of power armor there are six parts: a trunk, a head, two arms and a pair of legs. Also an integral part, without which force armor does not give effect, is a nuclear unit. Fallout 4, it is worth noting this fact especially, gave players X-01 - this is the best, as already mentioned, and a fairly rare power armor. It is important to note that certain parts of X-01 appear in the game only when the character achieves high levels of development.

fallout 4 power armor

Repair and modification

Of course, in the process of passing power armoris damaged. Repair of damaged armor elements can be carried out in each workshop, where the power armor is created. For repair, certain components will definitely be required, their list depends on the type of power armor.

Armor can be susceptible to modification.This procedure, as well as repair, is carried out in the workshop. Modifications increase resistance to damage, reduce power consumption, add various bonuses to the parameters and cause temporary effects, and can also change the color of the "miracle-suit" in question.

Nuclear Block

To access all the magnificentThe capabilities that the power armor carries in it, the protagonist will need a nuclear unit. Fallout 4 offers its players to acquire nuclear blocks from traders, extract them from nuclear generators, and find them all over the wasteland in secluded places. If you play actively, one nuclear unit lasts about 45 minutes. Once the charge is exhausted, the empty nuclear unit will be replaced with a new one automatically. Many players are looking for a way to charge a nuclear unit in Fallout 4. Unfortunately, there is no such option in the game. If there are no spare blocks, we will have to look for them. The number of blocks available for use is indicated by the counter at the bottom of the screen, and there is information about the level of charge of the block used.

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In conclusion, it should be said about the "honesty" of the players. Everyone wants to go through a certain level of Fallout 4 as quickly as possible, and many resort to using cheat codes. But is this the main pleasure of the game? Play honestly in Fallout 4! Chita ("nuclear block"), of course, exist, but their use does not give obvious advantages, but only speeds up the process of passage. And there are also "honest" ways to increase the duration of the nuclear unit's operation - this is the "Repair" navel (increases the block's operating time by 10%). And there is the ability of the "Nuclear Physicist" - increases the duration of the action in half!