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You Must Escape: walkthrough

Today we decided to talk about a popular gamefor the platform "Android" under the name You Must Escape. Currently, this project occupies a leading position in the genre of puzzles. The game has really managed to win a large number of users who prefer fascinating and not very simple tasks.

Currently, most people who aremanaged to reach the high levels, they begin to look for information on how to cope with this or that stage. At once I would like to note that in the project You Must Escape the passage is not quite simple, it is necessary to be witty.


you must escape the passage
Game developers carefully worked out eachlevel. The further the user passes, the more difficult the process becomes. Even by the name of the project itself, it could be assumed that it will become a favorite among a large number of people from all over the world.


must escape pass level
In the game, the main task is that youYou should go through all the proposed puzzles and get out of the room. At each level, a certain number of different items are provided, which should be used to achieve the goal. Of course, in the Must Must Escape the passage requires attentiveness and good thinking.

Previous series of this game were presentedeasier levels. But with each release of the new version, the game "You Must Escape" has become increasingly difficult. The passage contains a large number of mysteries. In the new version you can go through exciting levels. In reality there are a lot of them. Only units managed to pass this game completely to the very end.

The project also has each userThere is an opportunity to compete for the title of the best player among its competitors. If you have excellent logic and thinking, then you have every chance to take the lead in the game You Must Escape. It's better to start the puzzle with the very first versions. Then you can understand all the tricks and necessary tricks.

You Must Escape: Passage

Level 1 is quite simple:you need to initially get the key. Then open the box and take a hint, on which there is an inscription TZAX. We enter this word on the keyboard, the code 8866 appears. Enter the combination 8866 into the safe. We take the key card.

At the second level, take the console in the box underTV. We use batteries. We paste them into the console, enter 8250. To do this, we use the remote control. We open the safe behind the picture. To do this, use the combination 8250. Use the keys to open the box beside the bed. We take the map. We pass to the third level. We open the box. Take the corkscrew. Each level becomes more interesting and difficult.