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What is a computer motherboard?

Going into the computer shop, it's hard not toPay attention to the large rectangular boxes that stand behind the glass in the storefronts. Typically, they are usually written in large letters in the capital letters of the manufacturer's company name (Asus, Gigabyte, Intel), internal designation and many supported functions, presented in the advertising style. Inside the boxes are motherboards (mainboards). They are used in computer systems, starting from the time of the first computers.

Despite this, users often ask a question"What is the motherboard". You can, of course, immediately give a definition, but life every minute confirms that any memorization without understanding is useless. So let's define what a motherboard is, after a little thought experiment.

As is known, in the composition of any modernThe computer includes, at a minimum, a central processing unit, a video card, and RAM. In order for them to work, it is necessary to ensure the supply of power and connect all the conductors. Of course, this is very simplistic, but the basis is just this. The solution of this task is just the responsibility of the mainboard.

To see it in the computer, you need to remove the coverthe case of the system unit and look inside. Absolutely all components are connected to the largest board, which occupies most of the case in dimensions. Now, computer owners who are interested in what the motherboard is and who are reading this article will be able to distinguish it from other components. This is nothing complicated, as you can see if you know the characteristics.

So, the motherboard is the biggest cardcomputer, which includes all other components. Without it, a computer can not be assembled. You can work without an audio adapter, network chip, hard drive and even without a keyboard, but never without a mainboard. Interestingly, this English word is translated as "the main board". More precisely, there is nowhere.

To understand the device of the motherboard is muchIt is easier to get acquainted with the basics of production. First, future components are prepared - these can be connectors for peripheral devices, chips of codecs, necessary chipsets and associated elements of the binding (transistors, capacitors, power keys).

The next action on a computerizedThe payline is created on the conveyor. To do this, a sheet of textolite (dielectric material) is taken and holes are drilled in accordance with the map of the future placement of the elements. Further, electrically conductive tracks are applied from both sides on the electrochemical method. The resulting blank is coated with varnish (except soldering points). Next, a second sheet is created, and so on. Although the holes in them coincide, the paths are arranged in different ways. The last action all the sheets are glued together into a single one, obtaining a multilayered structure. After that, the required elements are soldered in the specified places (connectors, microcircuits).

The boards differ from one another in typesupported processors and the number of functions implemented. Of course, the layout of the components of the models is also different. To find the best, you need to well imagine what a motherboard is and what functions you would like to see in it.

In some specific computingdevices can partially or completely lack connectors for connecting external components (processor, memory, video). In this case, they are soldered to the board at the production stage, like conventional microcircuits.

In light of the foregoing,what a danger to the motherboard is the system builder, which inserts a video adapter or memory modules into the connectors with such force that the mainboard bends. If you saw this, then you should not get the computer assembled in this way, because due to the multi-layer structure, possible damage can be imperceptible and not immediately manifest.