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How to add a player to the private in Maynkraft?

In "Maincraft" multi-user modeis extremely popular, because in it you can contact other players, play back various stories or just survive together. However, the overall picture is overshadowed by the presence of griefers - players who prefer not to maintain the spirit of the "Meincraft", but to engage in virtual looting. They destroy all buildings, steal things, spoil the landscape, and all this does not bring profit or profit - they just enjoy what others feel bad. Naturally, they have a way of protection - you just need to lock your region, as well as your own things, so that not one of the griefers can touch them. But how to do that? And how to add a player to privat, because most gamers play together with friends, and they also have access to objects and territory.

Using the console

how to add a player to private

If you want to learn how to add a player toprivat, then you first need to learn to privatize objects that you want to protect from griefers - and then you have already learned how to open access to them for certain gamers. So, first of all you need to understand that all the commands in the "Maincrafter" are activated through the game console. So before you go to the server, check whether it is possible to use the console there, and whether the private territory is allowed there. It is not recommended to go to those servers where there is no private function, since there will be real chaos. Calling the console in the game, you will need to enter the command of interest, but only before it you need to put the character "/", which means the beginning of the command. Without this, the game does not recognize the information as a command and will perceive it as an ordinary message, sending your text directly to the chat. Accordingly, if you want to learn how to add a player to private, you will need to learn how to use the console - you will not be able to do anything.

Private things

privat in maynkraft

Privat in Meinkraft is a very important thing, sothat you need to learn this from the very first minute, as you find yourself on the server. After all, in fact, everything is not so difficult - you just need to enter the cprivate command, selecting the thing you want to private. Immediately after that, all the players on the server will lose the ability to use your chest, door or other item to which you added privacy features. If you are interested in how to add a player to private, then you need to immediately enter the nickname of your friend immediately after the above command, and then he will be able to use this object without hindrance.

Adding to Private

minecraft add to friend's friend

However, not all gamers immediately know howMinecraft add to friend's private. So they just use the privacy features on the item, and then they can not do anything about it. In this case, there is one not very convenient way. If you want to add a new friend to the private of your chest or other object, you will need to remove the privacy features by selecting this item and using the cremove command. Immediately after that, until the griffers arrive, you will need to reinstall your thing, only this time after the cprivate command, enter the nicknames you would like to add to the private. However, you already noticed that this method is rather inconvenient - you need to take a private, and then re-write it, attributing nicks and a new friend, and those who have already been added.

A more convenient way

There is much more pleasant and convenientA way that you can use if you forgot to add a friend to your privat when you entered the initial command. To use this method, you need to learn another command. Using cmodify, you can select the desired object and add one, two or more to the existing list of nicknames without removing the protection for a second.