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How to make a lamp in "Maincrafter" - instruction

The lighting in the "Maincrafter" is one of the maintasks facing the player. Why? Yes, because the light does not spawn the mobs. The more area you light, the less chance that a monster will appear next to you. Of course, you can use conventional torches, but the radius of their illumination is much less than that of a lamp. So, how to make a lamp in "Maynkraft"?


In fact, we do not need much raw materials for the production of the subject in question. The lamp in "Maincraft" is crafted from the following ingredients.

how to make a lamp in a mainprint

  1. Red dust. You can get it by breaking blocks of red ore. There is also some chance of getting dust when killing a witch.
  2. A glowing stone. It is extracted in two ways. If you have a pickaxe with a "silk touch", then you can easily assemble ready blocks. If you have the usual tool, then break the blocks and collect the luminous dust. Of the four handfuls, you can craft a solid stone.

That, in fact, and everything that will require of us"Meincraft." How to make a lamp, look below. The main thing - remember that one lamp needs four handfuls of red dust and one block of glowing stone. So stock up on everything you need right away.


Having collected all necessary things in our inventory, we go to our workbench. We put the materials on it.

  • In the very center we place a glowing stone.
  • On the sides we spread out the red dust.
  • The corners of the bench remain empty.

As you can see, you should have a lamp. Before installing, be sure to check the surrounding area. It should not have hostile creatures, otherwise the light can draw them to you, and this can end very sadly.

how to make a lamp

Also, when installing the lamp, it is necessary to take into accountterrain. The fact is that in some versions when installing this item on the street (outside a closed room or a cave), players begin to terribly slow down the computer. Despite the fact that the lamp has the highest brightness in the game, you are unlikely to get to light the entire courtyard near the house. The luminaire is ideal for lighting caves, but is not suitable for open areas.


Now you know how to make in Maynkraftlamp. But are there any alternatives to this fancy subject? You, of course, can use torches, but the light from them is not enough, but cheap and angry.

The second option is the installation of a simpleglowing stone. The knowledge base of "Maincraft" assumes that this natural block also emits light, which, in turn, allows replacing the lamp. The only "but" remains that it can not be turned off for the daytime, and indeed, in terms of design, it is not the best solution. Therefore, it is much better to understand how to make a lamp in "Maynkraft".

lamp in maynkraft

Among the announced changes in the "Maynkraft"there is information about the future introduction of such a unit as a flashlight. It will be endless and will replace all the torches that the player has. At the same time, torches will have the opportunity to burn out (end). Thus, it can be seen that the lamps will always remain relevant, even with the introduction of innovations and improvements. Feel free to craft this item, despite the complexity of getting some of its components, because you still have nothing left, except in the "Meincraft" make a lamp.