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The eternal question: which is better - Google or Yandex?

This story is as old as the world. A person comes up with a search engine, in time it ceases to satisfy his demands, and he goes to another system. Seriously, for many years the Russian-speaking population of our planet has been arguing about what is better - Google or Yandex. The great battle of the Titans is still going on. It should be noted that both systems work very well, and if we talk about the quality of search, then the results of the output of these search engines are relevant.

Which is better - Google or Yandex: but how here without criteria?

Let's try to determine the criteria according to which the possibilities of the specified search engines are evaluated.

what is better Google or Yandex
However, when choosing Google or Yandex universalsigns for evaluation are few, and subjective - enough. Let us single out the two most significant features of the type - search quality and usability.

In each group, you can find many criteria,which are important for people when using a certain search engine. If we talk about how Yandex differs from Google, first of all, by methods of search promotion, but this topic should be discussed in more detail.

Understand the points

First, a certain number of users,first of all, convenience in the arrangement of buttons and clarity when issuing the results. In this case, you can give the palm to Yandex. The matter is that for many users the numbering of positions of search delivery which to Google simply does not have great value is important - there answers are displayed without serial numbers.

The search query string is more useful inYandex. Google has a shorter input field. On the main page of Yandex, there are more buttons for additional services, and in Google they can not be found immediately.

than Google is better than Yandex
If you put the question like this: "What Google is better than Yandex?", There is no definite answer, since the first service was created for another audience. If we consider the problem from the position of the Russian-speaking user, then, as for convenience, we can recognize leadership over Yandex.

Which is better, Google or Yandex, in search quality?

Regarding the quality of these services, not everything is as followsuniquely. Yandex was originally created for the Russian-speaking Internet segment, and it is continuously changing (in the best sense of the word) and growing. Google's search system began to transform only with time. At the same time, the company's programmers are constantly working on improving the search, improving its quality. Among the important innovations should be noted the implementation of regional search. Updates of issuance in the Yandex system are not as frequent as those of Google, but they are of a higher quality.

Constant experiments of Yandex employeeslead to the fact that the positions of certain sites change their location all the time, making the search process not always stable, but we believe that all this is done for the benefit of users.

google or yandex
From this perspective, Google can be defined as a more stable search engine.

As you can see, unequivocally determine what is best -Google or Yandex, it's difficult. Everything depends on the point of view. You can only give statistics, which indicates that 70 percent of the population of Russia uses the Yandex search engine. Probably, it is no accident. But there are also disadvantages: many call the issuance of Yandex a commercial one. Of course, there are grounds for this, however, even to fully commercial sites, the system makes serious demands, determining their relevance to search queries.

It is interesting

There are several theses that can not beconfirm, or refute, so just bring them. Among some experts in the field of website promotion, it is widely believed that Google is faster indexing new pages and newly created sites, because it is "more experienced" because of age. In addition, the download of Google's pages is also faster. The American search engine has received a more responsive support service, or people who think so, simply had no luck with Yandex.

what is the difference between Yandex and Google
As for website developers, it's really embarrassing for Yandex is much more likely to refuse to partner with an ad network than Google. In addition, the reason for refusal, as a rule, is not commented on.

So we decided on what Google is better atYandex. Few people know, but any actions of the user on the Internet are monitored by both search engines, in fact, on the basis of this data, and a search is performed.