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Details on how to make horse armor in the "Maincrafter"

To begin with, the horse armor is intendedfor a horse. Pre-animal will need to be tamed, only after that use the object. About that such an iron horse armor, how to make such equipment in "Maynkraft", and for what it can be needed, only a small part of the players knows. Today we will talk on this topic.

Horse armor is designed to protect yourhorse damage from the enemy. Its drawbacks include the fact that it does not appear to be possible to enchant. In addition to the question of how to make horse armor in the Meincraft, you still need to know how it is put on a horse. You can equip a horse only if you are on it. You need to open the inventory using the button E, after which you will be given the opportunity, how to remove the armor, and put it on the horse.

Adding to inventory

how to make horse armor in maynecraft
There is also a second option, with the help ofwhich you can equip your animal with. To do this, we hover the cursor on the horse and press the right mouse button, do it already with the harness in hand. Let us now turn to the solution of the basic question - how to make horse armor in the Meincraft.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of such equipment are obvious, one ofthese are naturally a high level of protection for the animal. The shortcomings of this ammunition can be attributed to the fact that it is not so easy to obtain, and there is also no possibility of replacing it.


iron horse armor how to make in maynkraft
If you do not know how to make horse armor in"Maynkraft", we inform that it will not be possible to create it independently, but there is a solution to this problem. To get this element, you need to use the creative mode or a special command (/ give @p iron_horse_armor).

So, the question of how to make horse armor in"Maynkraft" is practically solved, but we want to supplement this article with information about where you can find such an important element, in case you do not want to use the tricks of the chat. If you often visit treasure chests and open chests, then you may be lucky, as in one of such storages you can find such an element of protection, however, it rarely occurs there. Also, iron horse armor can be in abandoned mines, few players visit them, because there they are trapped by danger, but if you are well protected, then it is recommended to visit such places, there are many interesting things.