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"Internet l", "Megaphone": description and traffic

Despite the active development of wiredInternet, there are areas that are not yet covered by a cable operator. Therefore, some people have to use special devices to access the network - telephones and modems (modulator-demodulator signal).

Internet l megaphone description

Cellular operators offer a range of options, through which, for a certain subscription fee, you can go online. For example, take "Megaphone".

The company provides its subscribers with the following Internet options (not to be confused with tariffs):

  • Internet on the smartphone;
  • XS;
  • S;
  • M;
  • L;
  • XL.

Each service has its own traffic volume (the number of pieces of information in megabytes or gigabytes).

The most interesting from the point of view of possibilities is the option "Internet L" "Megaphone", the description of which can also be viewed on the official website of the company or obtained in the support service.

Tariff and option

First of all it is necessary to differentiate conceptsoption and tariff. Tariff determines the basic cost of calls, SMS and traffic. Accordingly, for the subscriber, when the SIM card is connected, certain conditions of use are granted, and without a tariff the SIM card can not be activated. Tariffs offered by "Megafon": "Switch to 0", "Megaphone Online", "All inclusive" line and others.

The option involves connecting, as a rule, with a subscription fee, discounts for anything. For example: packages of unlimited SMS, calls, Internet options - basic and extending.

On which SIM card is

One of the biggest in terms of cost and traffic option is connected to almost any SIM card, except for a special one, where the "Unlimited GPRS" tariff is set, and no services can be connected.

It must be remembered that the option is activated on the volumea room where there is no such internet service. If, for example, "Internet M" is connected, but there is already exhausted traffic, the "Internet L" option "Megaphone" or other similar service will not function until the previous one is disabled.

In addition, do not forget that some tariffs already include Internet traffic, and to connect yet and the service is completely useless.


"Internet L" is only valid in the home region. When traveling outside the territory, basic rates for the Internet operate. In Russia, the cost of 1 MB will be 9.90 rubles, in other countries - from 35 for 1 MB.

option Internet l megaphone

In order to use the Internet with"home" options outside of their region, it is necessary to connect an additional service that will allow not only to enter the network while traveling to the destination and upon arrival, but also to save money significantly.

Any services and activations will start ontime of the city where the subscriber is located. If a person with a SIM card Kemerovo left for Moscow and connected Internet options or other services, it will be possible to use only after 4 hours (the time difference between Kemerovo and Moscow).


You can connect Internet L in three ways:

  1. Independently - via SMS, USSD request (with the help of teams starting with an asterisk) and in your personal account.
  2. In the communication salon.
  3. Through the contact center.

megaphone internet l how to connect

It must be remembered that Megafon and two other major Russian concerns operate throughout the country. In each region, the cost of Internet options and the traffic included in them is slightly different.

For example, in the Novosibirsk region the cost will be 700 rubles (50 GB), and in Moscow-890 rubles (36 GB). This is the amount of monthly payment for the "Megafon" service "Internet L".

How to connect yourself

To activate the option that the subscriber is going touse via modem, you need to send SMS, because the device program does not support USSD requests. The message with the text "1" is sent but number 05009124.

The query via an asterisk and a grid on the phone or tablet looks like this: * 236 * 4 * 1 # and the call key.

The option "Internet L" "Megaphone" with the command * 236 * 00 # or SMS with the text "stop" on the number 05009124 is deactivated.

In the salon of communication and the contact center specialists activate the option with the help of the program.

In doing so, they have the opportunity to do all the necessary actions on the number, from recharging the balance (in the cabin) to activating the promised payment.

About money

In order to connect the Internet option, you need to pay immediately the monthly fee in advance for a month.

megaphone traffic internet l

For example, on the number 700 rubles and a service is connected, for which 1.5 rubles are written off daily. The subscriber himself or with the help of specialists activated the "Internet L" "Megaphone".

The description of the service makes it possible to understand that the money will be copied all at once. In this case, nothing remains on the account, but at zero, the option to act, unfortunately, will not be.

You can refill the balance by 1 ruble and use it,but the next day will be written off subscriber for the service (1.5 rubles) and the balance will be negative. With a financial lockout, going online will be impossible.

In the same way, the situation will develop with the use of the option outside the home region.

Promised payment

With insufficient funds on the balance sheetthe subscriber can activate "Internet L" "Megaphone" (the description of the connection methods is indicated above) by a special promised payment that is not connected with the usual one.

The amount is up to 700 rubles (in some regions thisthe amount is more) is provided to connect the Internet option only when you type a specific command or send SMS. A simple promised payment or a credit of trust (you can go into negative balance on a balance to a certain amount) can not be connected.

For example, a subscriber wants to havethe service "Internet L" on "Megaphone" is connected, but on the balance of 200 rubles. If you ask for activation yourself, you receive a message that you do not have enough funds, and the command you need to dial to connect through the promised payment. Internet is activated, 1 ruble remains on balance. Payment must be paid within 7 days.

When you connect through a specialist activation occurs in exactly the same way, but with the help of a program installed on the computer in the communication center or in the call center.

It is necessary to remember about additional services withsubscription fee. If the next day after the connection through the promised payment any money was written off, the account must be replenished with the amount of the promised payment plus the means to exit from the minus, as well as for the subsequent cancellation of the subscriber for an additional service.

Here the point is that with the promisedpayment, any amount deposited on the balance sheet goes towards its repayment. From this position it is possible to leave with the help of mobile transfer from the subscriber "Megaphone" or activation of rubles for points. Only then will the balance become positive and it will be possible to use "Internet L" "Megafon".

Description of payment features

Subscription fee for Internet services is written offevery month and options are automatically extended. Therefore, if a subscriber wants to use another Internet service at the end of the previous one, he will need to disconnect the old one, refill the balance with the required amount and activate a new option.

Otherwise, when you deposit money into the account, the option that was previously connected will last.

If this still happens, you should immediately call the contact center. At the same time, on the Internet, you can not go out in any way, so that traffic does not begin to be spent.

how to disconnect the Internet I megaphone

The specialist will cancel the failed connection only if the option has not yet been used. Immediately you can specify how to disable the "Internet L" "Megaphone", if the subscriber forgot the command.


It often happens that the number of gigabytes,provided for a month, quickly ends, and until the next write-off is still far. In this case there are special additional services "Prodly speed" from "Megaphone". Traffic "Internet L" or another option is supplemented with traffic for the service.

For example, there is "Prolly speed 5 GB" cost of 230 rubles. The speed of the Internet will recover, but you need to remember that the additional service is directly connected to the main one.

If there is not enough money to write-off the subscription fee, the Internet option will be disconnected, and along with it, "Prolong speed" (traffic just burns).


Also, all subscribers need to know where the home region ends and the guest begins.

internet service l on Megaphone

Unfortunately, the state territorial division into entities is not the same as with telecom operators.

For example, the Siberian Federal District includesitself Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions (NSO), but for the subscriber Kemerovo Novosibirsk will be a guest city. Accordingly, when traveling to NSO, a person will be already in roaming, which is equivalent to roaming in Russia.