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How to sync iPad with a computer: instructions for beginners

Almost immediately after buying a new tabletfrom Apple, the user is eager to learn how to synchronize the iPad with the computer. And this is quite logical. After all, the new device does not have any freelance installed applications or games. And synchronization with the computer will help to "revive" the brand new tablet, adding interesting content. Of course, you can do without connecting to a PC. And make the whole operation from the tablet using the Internet. But, as practice shows, everything happens much faster through the computer.

sync your ipad with your computer


Before you sync iPad withcomputer, it is necessary to determine the method of carrying out the above operation. You can make it happen with a wireless Wi-Fi connection or via a USB cable. But first of all you will need to download the iTunes program from the official site. It allows you to quickly and reliably perform all the necessary actions - install applications, copy contacts or download music. Download the latest version of this software is recommended. iTunes is completely free. Now let's go back to the methods of synchronization and consider each method separately.

How to sync iPad with computer via USB cable

how to sync ipad with computer
USB cable always goes in the kit when buyingdevice. And with it, you can easily sync iPad with your computer. Please note: it is recommended to use the same cable that came with the device you are buying. Now let's proceed to the instructions:

  • First, open the previously downloaded iTunes program.
  • Using a USB cable, connect your tablet to your computer.
  • In the upper right corner of the program, find the inscription "Device". Before that, go to "Media Library" (if you were in the iTunes Store).
  • In the lower corner of the program screen there will be a button "Apply". Click on it to start synchronization. Additional tabs will appear as they are created on the device itself.

Sync over Wi-Fi

Sync iPad with a new computer througha wireless Wi-Fi network is only possible if iTunes version is available before 10.5. Also for the first time you will need a USB cable to make the necessary settings. Do steps 1 through 3 of the previously described instructions, and then proceed with the following steps:

  • In iTunes, open the "Overview" tab, where you must select "Sync with this device via Wi-Fi".
  • When you find the tablet and your computer on the same Wi-Fi network, you can start synchronization.
  • A list of devices that can be connected will appear on the left side of the screen.

additional information

Previously, you learned how to sync iPad withcomputer, now it's worth talking about additional features. The program iTunes allows you to automatically connect the device to your PC. This is especially useful when synchronizing the tablet via wireless communication. But you need to fulfill 3 basic requirements, namely: the iPad and the computer are in the same Wi-Fi network, the iTunes program is on, the cfvj device is connected to any power source (charging).

sync ipad with new computer


Advise you which method to use forconnecting the tablet to the computer, probably not worth it. For everyone will proceed from their own possibilities. If you have your own Wi-Fi router, then use wireless. Well, if there is no such device, then you can do with the usual USB cable. If both of you have both, try both. And decide which one you like best.