/ How to check mobile version of the site? Ways to test mobile sites

How to check the mobile version of the site? Ways to test mobile sites

Development of a mobile version of the site is not onlya possible whim of developers, an additional item of expenses (or earnings, if we talk about contractors) and the care of visitors to the resource. According to the latest statements of representatives of Google, sites that do not meet the requirements of adaptive design, will be pessimized in the search, carried out from mobile devices. The domestic search engine Yandex also issued recommendations "How important it is to be mobile" and assured that, acting for the sake of convenience of mobile device users, will mark out mobile versions in search results and prefer adaptive pages.

check availability of mobile site version

So, the developers are mandatoryIt is necessary to adapt sites for smartphones and check the serviceability of the resource display. Otherwise, soon you can expect a significant loss of traffic, and therefore, potential customers, because the new algorithms work from Google and "Yandex" are already in effect. You can check the mobile version of the site in various ways: by resizing the browser window when switching to developer mode, using mobile device emulators or web services.

The site's friendliness to mobile devices

Adaptivity to mobile devices is estimated by various parameters. It is important to check the mobile version of the site not only in terms of correct display, it is worth considering other factors:

  • lack of animation, "heavy" design and pictures;
  • resource loading speed (should be minimal);
  • no need for horizontal scrolling;
  • lack of Silverlight plug-ins and Java-applets;
  • simple site navigation;
  • the meta-tag viewport is registered in the code.

If the above conditions are met, the algorithmsthe most common search engines recognize the web page as mobile-friendly and increase the site's exposure to resources that are not adapted.

Real testing on mobile devices

The most convenient way to test the mobile versionsite on real smartphones. This method will allow to carry out tests in real conditions. Ideally, checking a web resource is better on multiple devices, but if the project budget does not involve the cost of acquiring several smartphones from the most popular models, it will be enough to have Android or Apple devices.

check mobile site version

Resizing the browser window

The simplest, but not optimal in terms ofcheck is to resize the browser window. If the page is made using adaptive design technology, you can check the mobile version of the site in this way. But in those cases when a separate design is applied, the resource needs to clearly indicate that the user has come from a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. So, this method allows you to check if there is a mobile version of the site. But the correctness of the mapping (in terms of technology) is unlikely to be assessed.

check mobile version of google website

Switch to developer mode in the browser

A better way to test mobileThe version of the site (Google or Yandex, as well as other search engines, highlight adaptability in the list of the most important factors affecting ranking) is to go into developer mode in the browser. The method works in a similar way with several browsers:

  • Mozilla: You can switch to developer mode by selecting the option "Adaptive design" in the "Development" menu; by pressing the combination Ctrl + Shift + M; by clicking on the "Adaptive design mode" button on the web developer toolbar;
  • Chrome: go to mobile mode by pressing the F12 function key, then select the mobile version icon (smartphone in the upper left corner of the window that appears).

In Opera, go to developer mode for verificationmobile version is done by pressing the combination Ctrl + Shift + i, but there is another way. A special version of the browser - Opera Mobile Classic Emulator - allows you to differentiate the mobile design. The versions of the program exist for the main operating systems.

check mobile version of Yandex site

Emulators for mobile devices: Android Studio and Apple Xcode

You can check the mobile version of the site ("Yandex" and Google) using emulators of mobile devices, which for Android and Apple are respectively Android Studio or Apple Xcode.

Similar tools reproduce quite accuratelysite in the form in which it will look on mobile devices: the programs preinstall the most common versions of browsers for mobile devices. However, emulators do not take into account the download speed and some other nuances that can be observed in real conditions.

To check it is enough to install one of the above programs on the computer and open the site from the emulator.

Web Services Testing Mobile Design

There are also more simple ways to checkmobile version of the site. For example, the Responsinator online service allows you to evaluate the correctness of the resource display on mobile devices and the convenience of using the site from the user's side. The resource displays the site as it would appear on six different Android or Apple-based devices and in several orientations.

google check out the mobile version of the site

Verification of web page optimization for mobile devices

Other resources to verify the mobileversion of the site, additionally assess the adaptability, and not only show how the site would look on different devices. The most authoritative services: Google Mobile Friendly and "Yandex WebMaster" (checking web pages). Evaluate the optimization of the site for mobile devices is also a means of checking Bing or, for example, Mobile Checker from W3C.

All that is required from the webmaster when evaluatingversions of the site for mobile devices using online services, so enter the address of the resource and wait for the analysis to finish. Most of the above services check the optimization of the friendliness settings for mobile devices, which were listed above.

So, to assess the adaptability of a web resource, you canin several ways: starting from testing on real smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices or resizing the browser window, checking in emulators or in the browser development mode, and ending with the use of services from "Yandex" and "Google". To check the mobile version of the site is comprehensively very simple, and this will allow making necessary edits and improving the position of the site in search results.