/ How to launch Warface? We play on different servers

How to launch "Warfare"? We play on different servers

Quite often, wanting to play in somereally quality and at the same time free online shooter, many players are thinking about how to launch "Warfyce". At the same time, it is worth noting the fact that even people who played earlier in other shooters think about this question often enough, and understand approximately how correctly games should be installed on a computer. After all, all projects, the localization of which deals with the company "Mile.ru, have their own installation features, which is significantly different from the standard installation of other games.

How to install Russian Warface?

how to launch a warfare

In fact, there is nothing complicated in howrun "Warfyus" in Russian, the localization of which deals with "Mile.ru." Simply, like many other large localizers, it uses its own program through which to install and run any projects, so initially we will need it.

So, you first need to go toofficial site of the game and download the so-called "Game Center" Mile.ru. "With this program, we will not only install the game we are interested in, but, among other things, run it, so the program is basic. you can not even download Warface, let alone play it on your computer.

It should be noted right away that the procedure of how to launch the Chinese "Warfyus" differs from this one.

Download and install

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After you download the IC, you canstart downloading the game. If you currently do not download any games, the localization of which is engaged in "Mile.ru", before launching "Warfare", you will need to add it to "My Games". If you have a mailbox in this service, you can use it immediately as your own gaming account. If you do not want to use it for some reason or do not use this mail at all, you will have to go to the official site and register a new mail. The procedure is fairly simple and is performed within a few minutes, as there is no confirmation via phones or any other mailboxes.

After that, you will need to go to the section "My Games"and add Warface. The game is in the "Client" section, however, most likely, it will initially appear on your main screen, since this is one of the main game projects of this localizer.

We launch

how to launch the european warfare

As mentioned above, you will also need hereuse the "Game Center", since you can not run Warfyis without it. Simply go to the "My Games" section in this program, then select Warface, and the "Play" button will appear instead of the "Download" button. If the IC is not deleted or reinstalled, then in this case, after each launch, the game will immediately appear on the main screen, like the last one launched.

It is worth mentioning that the procedure of howrun the European "Warfyus", differs from the above, because there you need to download another client. If you know English, there will not be any problems for you to get comfortable in the interface of the site and download the software you need.