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The program for the tablet "Android": an overview of interesting applications

Daily resource "Google Play" replenished hundredsnew applications: games, utilities, highly specialized programs and other software. Most users install these or other applications out of curiosity, but leave in their device only the most necessary and tested.

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Surely every tablet owner has his ownA list of software that will be installed primarily on a new device or after flashing an already existing one. Here, as a rule, we are talking about the applications that you use every day and without which it is difficult to do without.

Let's try to identify the list, which included the mostuseful, interesting and widely in demand programs for the tablet "Android". The list is based on feedback from users and advice from experts in this field.

ES Explorer

Manager for managing files and data is vitalis required for any user. Despite the abundance of such utilities in the "Google Play" (and good ones), the program on the ES Explorer tablet is rightfully considered one of the best.

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In addition to the usual functionality formanage existing files and folders, the utility can easily connect to popular cloud storage, which saves you from the need to further mess with the corporate customers of Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive. In addition, the program on the ES Explorer tablet will give you access to the system partitions of the platform, provided that you have root-rights installed. The utility also allows you to play music, video and view photo materials without an external codec.

Google Maps

Despite numerous statements that"Google" is everywhere monitoring its users, to abandon the excellent cartographic utility is extremely difficult. The program for the tablet "Google Map" will tell you where the bus you need now, build the shortest path from one point to another, find almost any institution and much more. In a word - an indispensable tool for the active user.


The program for the Duolingo tablet will allow you toShort terms to master basic knowledge of foreign languages. The application is distinguished by a correctly constructed learning process, really interesting materials and filing, and also allows you to pass the time for a useful affair that will quickly become your daily habit.

Clip Paint Studio

A series of Clip Paint Studio applications isprograms for a graphic tablet, but they feel great on the basis of an ordinary gadget (with a stylus). The utility was originally conceived as a tool for drawing manga, but the software can be used for other areas of digital painting, both professional and amateur.

graphics tablet software

The application is surprisingly intuitive andconveniently. There are a lot of interesting "chips" and opportunities. There are templates for almost all occasions, so starting to create from scratch is not necessary. The program will brighten up your leisure time, and so that you do not even notice how quickly time flew by.


Service "Pocket" allows you to save "in your pocket"all interesting articles and documents that you later want to view. The bookmark for this or that information will be available on all your devices, not just on the tablet.

The application will be useful and convenient, if you do notyou can get away from work, and at the same time you do not want to miss something interesting in the heap of Internet events. With the "Pocket" is not terrible to get stuck in a traffic jam or queue - deferred reading will always be at hand.