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What is MB and traffic?

The work of each electronic computeris built on a binary number system. A PC can only process information in a digital form. Therefore, the machine perceives data in the form of zeros and ones. Their sequence is called binary (in English binary bigit, most users use the abbreviated bit).

Basic units of information measurement. What is MB?

Table 1. Information units

1 byte8 bit23 bit
1 KB (kilobyte)1024 bytes210 byte = 213 bit
1 MB (megabyte)1024 Kb210 Kb = 220 byte = 223 bit
1 GB (gigabyte)1024 MB210 MB = 220 Kb = 230 byte = 233 bit

The bit is the basic unit of measure of volumeinformation in the PC. It can have a value of one or zero. The next unit is a byte (eight consecutive bits). In bytes, measure text, video, graphics. Kilobyte equals 1024 bytes, and in 1 kilobyte contains 8192 bits. What is MB? This is a unit of information, which is equal to a value of 1024 kilobytes.

Controversial questions regarding the term "megabyte"

Some scientists believe that the term "megabyte"not entirely correct. After all, judging by its name, one megabyte should equal one million bytes. In this case, this unit should have the name "mebibyte". But in the C system, "mega" is 10 in the sixth degree, and megabytes are considered equal to 1048576 bytes.

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Such a value, as a mebibyte, is two inthe twentieth degree. It was recognized and standardized only in 1998. Despite the obvious mathematical calculations, the value of 1048576 bytes is still called a megabyte. Although, in fact, this is the meaning of a mebibyte. It's too late to change the system of data units, because millions of users are accustomed to it, not dedicated to the subtleties of its formation. But to study this aspect, without a doubt, is necessary.

Why do many users are mistaken aboutWhat is MB and how much information is available to it? Most likely, the first mistakes were made in the 20 century, when the labeling capacity on diskettes reported 1.44 MB (and in the C system this value was 140000 bytes). But in fact, the amount of data on these media was 1474560 bytes or 1474 kilobytes. The prefixes of different values ​​were combined, which led to quantities that can not be correctly calculated. In practice, the declared amount of floppy disks did not correspond to reality, which was the trigger for the following errors in the measurement of information. Now you know what MB is. A small digression into the history of information measurement units will help you better understand the subtleties of operating systems.

What is MB in "VC"?

Often the term "megabyte" is reduced and usedanalogue - MB. This saves time and traffic on the Internet. In addition, the site "VKontakte" often use the word "mb" as a shortened form from the phrase "maybe." For example, in a dialogue or conversation such an action makes communication more dynamic and again saves time.

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Traffic and megabytes: common ground

From English, the word traffic is translated as"traffic". In the information sphere, this term means the amount of data in kilobytes that the server has received over a certain period, and is used in a variety of areas. There is a concept of site traffic, that is, the amount of its traffic, traffic of search engines, transmitted information, etc.

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It can be measured not only in megabytes, but also in gigabytes, kilobytes. There are two types of traffic:

- Outgoing (the data that the server sends);

- incoming (the amount of data received).

What is the traffic (Mb)? This is the amount received or sentinformation for a certain period of time. If you do not have unlimited Internet, then traffic counting (i.e., received data in megabytes) is simply necessary for you. 1 MB equals, for example, viewing about 30 pages on the Internet, it's about 400 pages of text or 4-5 pictures.