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Cheats on the "Crisis": all ways to help the game

Chita for "Crisis" is considered an auxiliarymeans when passing the game. The series about aliens often puts on the way the player insuperable obstacles that need to be avoided in order to see the end of the storyline. If it does not go out on its own, then only codes can help in this situation.

Why are cheats needed?

Many users believe that cheats on the "Crisis"were in vain realized by the developers, and they do not need to be entered for a convenient passage. This is a delusion, because at high levels of complexity, some sites on the tropical island can not go through even ten attempts. It's a pity to throw the project out because of the effort and time spent. Here at this stage it is worthwhile to use the additional help of codes. They are such that make the gameplay a little easier or completely level the complexity. There are three ways to enter passwords in the client. In 2017, the creators did not worry about their diversity, so there is no choice.

cheats for the crisis

First input method

To use the cheat codes on the "Crisis" firstin the first place, find the directory on the computer where the client is installed. There is a folder called Config, there are four documents with names, respectively, of the complexity modes. Enter the one on which you pass the campaign, and there add the commands. For the easiest, even the most advanced, the g_godMode = 1 command will work. It activates the "god mode", and all missions will be passed in a few minutes. If unnecessary hassles on the way to the specified point prevent, then the password ai_IgnorePlayer = 1 will save the situation. It includes the invisibility mode, and all enemies simply ignore the protagonist. The remaining cheats for "Crisis" (i_unlimitedammo = 1 and i_noweaponlimit = 1) are auxiliary and do not make the passage too simple. The first makes infinite ammunition, and the second removes the restriction on carrying weapons for the main character.

cheat codes for crisis

The second method

Cheats on the "Crisis" can be activated and mostAn ancient way - by writing through the standard console. To do this, go into the game itself and use the "tilde" key to open the command line. There enter all available commands. "God mode", endless cartridges and removal of the restriction on weapons are entered by the same commands as in the previous paragraph, only without the parameter in the form of a unit. In addition to these, there are two more useful commands that can be useful in skirmishes. At a certain level, the password i_giveallitems will open access to all possible weapons, items and ammo that were available in the game. It concerns only a certain stage, therefore it is better to enter at the very beginning of each segment. The second cheat -r_displayinfo has nothing to do with the gameplay. It simply displays the current state of all parameters. The user can evaluate how the computer reacts to the running project.

cheats on the game crisis

Developer mode

The last known methodactivate cheats on the game "Crisis" is called "developer mode". It is activated by the fact that the -DEVMODE command is written in the path of the shortcut to the client through a space. Then, using the F1-F3 keys, you can switch the view (from the first or third person) and move to the points of the previous or next save. The NUMPAD 1, 2 and "Enter" keys allow you to open rare weapons, remove the limit on guns and debug all settings in real time. Useful is the team that makes the main character in the spirit. It is activated by the F10 key and allows you to quickly and imperceptibly navigate through all locations.

The main recommendation for entering codes is to do thisin extreme cases. First, it's better to try to go through the story on your own and if you can not do it then you have to resort to help. Do not make the campaign too easy, otherwise the interest will be lost instantly.