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How to sync iPad with iTunes: instructions for beginners

Today we will discuss the issue of howsync iPad with iTunes. Despite the fact that there are a lot of different instructions on the Internet, people do not stop asking him, while complaining about a small amount of exhaustive information. So I decided to write a short article on this issue. Next, you'll learn how to sync your iPad with iTunes.

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There are two types of connection thatused to connect the tablet and computer. In the first case, you need a USB cable, in the other case you need a wireless Wi-Fi network. Which way to choose, it's up to you. If there is Wi-Fi, then go ahead for testing wireless technologies! If there is no such, then you can do with the usual cable. But that's not the point. The main thing is to synchronize your Apple iPad2 with your computer. Another necessary component for this operation is the iTunes program. It can be downloaded from the official Apple website (absolutely free). After synchronizing the tablet, you can transfer the contents of the device to the computer and do the same operation in the opposite direction. Next we will begin to solve the problem of how to synchronize the iPad with iTunes.


First, let's look at the connection via USB cable. It is recommended that you use the standard cable that comes with the device.

  • Open an already installed iTunes program.
  • Plug one end of the cable into the iPad-tablet, and the other into the USB-interface of the computer.
  • Switch to the "Media Library" mode. Then click on the button with the signature "Device", which is in the upper right corner of the program.
  • To start the synchronization, click on "Apply".

Now let's discuss the connection of the tablet with the computer via WI-Fi. For the first connection, you need a USB cable. In the following sessions, you can not use it.

 aipad tablet,

  • Perform all steps of the previously submitted instruction up to stage 3 (inclusive).
  • Now find the "Overview" tab where you need to select "Sync with this device via Wi-Fi".
  • Now that the tablet and computer are in the same Wi-Fi network, the connection will be made automatically.

additional information

Carefully refer to the condition thatis pushed for Wi-Fi synchronization. It says that the device and the PC are always on the same network. Otherwise, synchronization will not occur. It should be noted that WI-Fi-connection should work, it is necessary to use iTunes version not earlier than 10.5. Also, the WI-Fi network will not work if iOS 5 (or earlier versions of the software) is installed on the tablet. iTunes will help you set up a connection and copy files of various kinds, for example, like:

  • Photos already taken on the tablet camera.
  • Events recorded in the calendar.
  • Various documents. It is possible to edit already ready documents.
  • Audio files. There is a built-in editor.
  • Applications. You can also install new programs.
  • And much more.

how to sync ipad with itunes


The article describes all the actual methodsconnection tablet with a PC. The programs themselves have their own help, which explains all the functions of the buttons. But, as a rule, users prefer to use instructions from ordinary users, than from developers. I hope you understand how to sync iPad with iTunes.