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Windows 7 Update Center does not work: what should I do?

Very many users recentlycomplain about the fact that they do not work Windows 7 update. To correct the situation sometimes it is possible, and sometimes not. It all depends on what causes this kind of problem. However, it is often possible to get the service to work on a computer. Let's try to figure out what should be done if you do not have the Windows 7 update center. In fact, it's not so difficult to fix the bug. The main thing is to discover the reason for this kind of behavior of the center.

the update center windows 7 does not work

the Internet

The most banal option, which does notupdated Windows 7 through the update center - this is the lack of an Internet connection on the computer. In this case, the application is excluded. You can configure the downloads, look at the installed components, if necessary, delete them, but here's to upload new documents and put them on the computer - no. This means that the update center for Windows 7 does not work.

To correct the situation, it is necessary simplyrestore the internet connection on the computer. As soon as this happens, manually perform a search in the service, check all the necessary checkboxes, and then download to the computer. It is worthwhile to finish the process, as the automatic installation of the downloaded components will begin. After that, it's best to do "relog".


True, this does not always work. And this kind of cases are not so often. What can I do if you do not have Windows 7 Update? For example, you should enable automatic startup. Sometimes, for uncertain reasons, this feature is disabled. Of course, after this, there can be no talk about any work of the service.

update center windows 7 long looking for updates

What can I do to force the update centerwork? Right-click on the label "My Computer" and select "Manage." In the list that appears, click "Services and Applications." Select "Services" with the mouse cursor, and then select "Automatic update". Set the parameter "Automatically" and save the changes. The computer needs to be rebooted.

Now you can start Windows 7 Update Center. Most likely, it will start working. True, do not expect that the process will proceed quickly. Often, after a similar action, the Windows 7 Update Center searches for updates for a long time. You do not need to be scared - just be patient and wait until the computer finds all the documents available for download. That's all the problems are solved. But it's too early to rejoice. After all, there are other things that should be considered, if you do not have a Windows 7 update center. Which ones?

Automatic verification

Sometimes the interference of this service becomesapplication settings. The thing is that if you turned off automatic updates check, then the center itself can refuse to work. To correct the situation, it is enough to correct the program settings a little.

To do this, go to the Windows 7 Update Center,then click on "Settings". In the scan settings, set the appropriate item (for example, automatically check, but decide to download and install the user) and save. Next, it is recommended to just restart the computer and wait a while. All problems will disappear.

not updated windows 7 via update center

Pirated version

But not in the case when you haveinstalled a pirated version of the operating system. If this is true, then do not be surprised that your Windows 7 update service does not work. The problem is solved only by purchasing and installing a licensed copy of Windows. Otherwise, refusal of the update center from work is only to your advantage - you will not have to worry about the operability of the operating system or for the fact that you have installed any update.

As you can see, nothing dangerous is that the centerWindows 7 update does not work, no. The main thing - to find the cause of "breakage." If you have a licensed copy of the system, but no manipulations have helped, you will have to reinstall Windows.