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Hard West: passing with advice

Studio CreativeForge Games decided to go ona non-standard way of creating puzzles. As a result, there was a project called Hard West. Passage of this game includes the decision of a set of tactical tasks, demands fast reaction and harmonious actions. Since there are two or more characters in the user's possession, you must follow certain rules. They complicate the entire gameplay and often lead to a restart of missions. To avoid this, it is worth remembering a few tips.


Successful in Hard West passing is considered only when the player does not allow more than one or two errors for the mission.

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This tactical puzzle game with a top view of theThe character offers a great variety of actions. A few wrong steps will immediately lead to defeat. The player controls several characters who are trying to survive in the harsh conditions of the Wild West. Separate levels will set new unique tasks, and you will always have to adjust to the environment. How difficult it will be in Hard West passage - depends only on the player's playing skills.

Supporting advice

It is always worth remembering that a common mechanism,which will make it easier in the Hard West passage, no. Only when the user learns to constantly adapt to the conditions, he can successfully advance through the levels.

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Consider walkthrough Hard West on the example of the mission with the rescue of the motherMain character. Move the character closer to the fallen tree on the first move. Enemies will not be able to inflict great damage if they are in cover. The next two moves from this position is to neutralize the enemies with a red shield over their heads. They will hide behind the nearest tree, but this is a bad shelter. Further move the hero parallel to the house where the woman is held captive. There will be another enemy, who will also fall from the first shot to the head. Move the position behind the wooden structure opposite the door of the huge house. From there, damage the last enemy. The next two moves are spent on entering the house and releasing the hostage. The mechanism with shelters and convenient positions works in other game missions.