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Timeshift: passing, features of the game

When you watch on TV or in a movie theatersome fantastic action movie, there is an involuntary desire to participate in everything that happens on the screen. Such a dream is quite capable of computer games, or rather, a specific genre called FPS (First Play Shooter), which provides the player with a huge arsenal of weapons and inexhaustible crowds of opponents. All this can be attributed to the project Timeshift, the passage of which we will consider today.

timeshift passage

main idea

The whole action of the game is based on manipulations withtime and scientific developments. Two unique costumes are created under the code names "alpha" and "beta", allowing its owner to travel in time. The first sample is in the hands of the main villain, who moves to the past and changes the course of historical events, making himself a dictator. The second equipment goes to the protagonist of the game Timeshift. The passage of the main plot is built mainly on the management of small time intervals - this is the hallmark of all the gameplay. But we have to fight not alone - the rebels who are eager to overthrow the formidable dictator and his government come to the rescue. As they pass, they will meet more than once on our way, rendering all possible assistance in resistance.

Passage of game timeshift

Time management

In some moments the passage of the game Timeshiftwill simply be impossible without this function, which we are offered a costume. In general, time management here is carried out in three directions: scrolling forward, backward and full stop. For example, to go through the fire wall you need to completely stop the passage of time. If you want to remain unnoticed for the enemy, then all that is required of you is to slow down for a while all that is happening around. To return objects to their previous form, you need to waste time ahead. This control function allows the protagonist to take weapons from the opponent's hands in stop mode, attach a garnet-Velcro to it, after the explosion, to rewind time and watch how the enemy body again gathers in pieces to once again fly to all the lines. Otherwise, the shooter Timeshift, the passage of which will not take much time, is very similar to the game Half-Life-2. True, in the latter we were amused with physics, but here - with time. In any case, the game turned out to be quite lively and dynamic, not to mention its uniqueness.

timeshift 2

Other charms

In general, the game Timeshift, the passage of which is notwill create any serious difficulties, looks very attractive: beautiful and well-designed graphics (for the year 2005 in general, chic), the possibility of partial destruction of the objects of the surrounding virtual world, beautiful special effects - all this gives a positive impression, according to which we evaluate the project. The plot does not take much time, you can go through the game for a few days, or even a day. Many gamers are waiting for the release of the Timeshift-2 project. The passage of the first part of the shooter put a fat point on the dictator's rule, but this is not the end of the intriguing story. So we wait and hope!