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Features of Windows. How to update "Windows 7"?

After reading this article, you will learn the history of creating Windows 7, the difference between Windows 7 and Windows 10, how to update "Windows 7" to "Windows 10". Which version is better. How "Microsoft" failed "Vista".

The operating system is a set of interrelated programs designed to manage computer resources and organize user interaction.


The history of Windows 7 starts back in 2009. The company "Microsoft" on October 22, launches a fresh "Windus 7". Three years ago, "Microsoft" released a not very successful OS "Vista". Already on June 21, 2009 on the Internet there were ready installation samples.

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Windows 7 Features

At the present time, it is this OS that holds the leading position in the market. And it is installed on approximately every second computer in the world.

The first feature of this operating system was that the search bar recognized more languages.

Developers have improved the font control panel. People did not come across the question "how to update the drivers" Windows 7 "." For the operating system, most drivers will be detected automatically. The Windows media player has been changed for the better. Got a new interface and began to require fewer codes for playback. The taskbar has also changed. Now it has an updated look. Also, the panel can be fixed not only at the bottom of the screen, but also moved to the right, to the left and even upwards. The clock and date have an updated look. In Windows 7, standard applications such as WordPad and Paint have been updated. These applications were endowed with new features and were changed by the appearance of the interface. The interface was similar to the 2007 Office interface

We conclude: Windows 7 on the background of Windows Vista looks completely refined, improved and stable operating system.

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Why Windows Vista Failed

Official sales of Windows Vista started on 30.01.2007. But "Vista" sales "Windows XP" could not beat. Sales were small. Often, customers in the store were asked to demolish Vista and put Windows XP.

Consider the reasons why "Vista" is notsatisfied customers. One of the first reasons is performance. At that time, people had computers with weak hardware, and Vista had high system requirements for the computer, so the operating system was unstable.

Users are used to OS "Windows XP". This OS was released in 2001, at that time in the world there were about 600 million personal computers. And about 80% of computers have been installed operating systems from a well-known company Microsoft. With Windows 95/98 there were approximately 65%, Windows NT / 2000 owners had about 26%. The main goal of Windows XP was to combine these two groups into one. And this operating system perfectly, even just perfectly, coped with the task set before it.

But there were some problems. A large number of existing programs were absolutely incompatible with Vistoy. It is for this reason that Vista has not been able to replace XP. Incompatibility was due to the heightened attention of developers to protection. The security of the operating system was the main reason for its failure. Next, consider "Windows 10" and how to update "Windows 7" for free.

Failure whists

Windows 10

At the moment, the most leading and popularthe operating system is Windows 7. But more often recently on computers you can also find Windows 10. Consider what features the "ten" has. Is it worth replacing it with all the favorite and familiar "Seven"?

At the event called "Windows 10" 30.02. In 2014, the Windros Threshold OS was introduced. "Microsoft" said that Windows 10 will become the most "comprehensive platform." Windows 10 went on sale on July 29, 2015. This operating system has introduced many changes to users. The first thing that catches your eye is the updated "Start" menu. It became at times more convenient, the search began to work faster. In the Explorer, the interface became more beautiful. Visually changed icons and shortcuts. Also added a game mode. If you turn it on, the system adapts to the highest performance in games, using more resources and closing unnecessary processes. Due to this mode in games you can see a small increase in FPS.

Windows changes

How to update "Windows 7" to "Windows 10"

"Microsoft" announced that users who have a license key "Windows 7" will be able to update it to Windows 10 for free. But at the moment their generosity is over.

Consider a method for users with a licensed copy.

  1. Let's go to the official Microsoft website. The program will be available in two versions - 32 bits and 64. Choose the option that corresponds to your installed system, and download the "Installer".
  2. Next, run the "Installer". A window opens. Choose the appropriate installation method for you and click "Next".
  3. Accept the license agreement and you will see the "Ready to install" window.
  4. Click "Install" and wait until Windows 10 is installed on your computer.


After reading the article, you got acquainted with the operatingsystems "Winds" and their features, learned how to update "Windows 7". We recommend that you use only licensed software, so that you can work comfortably without any problems.