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Interior design: the program for the PC is able to arrange furniture?

It is quite often that a repair occursthe desire to save, and in this situation, if you want to create an interior design, a specialized program will be irreplaceable. Now a lot of products of such a profile are on the market. They have rich functionality and wide capabilities. The result of working with them will be the finished furnishing of the apartment after the completion of the repair.

Interior Design Program

One of the most popular programsThe plan is PRO100. It is implemented on the principle of the designer. That is, as the elements are the simplest blocks that can be placed indoors. If desired, they can be modified. For example, add a shelf or remove the door. All this is done with the mouse. Intuitive menus and user interface greatly simplify the process of working and creating an element such as interior design. The program has enough rich features, and with their help the design process is executed promptly and with minimal time costs. The only drawback of such a design system is that it refers to conditionally free products. That is, you can download the demo version and work in it, but there are 2 limitations - it is impossible to print and the project is not saved. But the full version of buying for home repair is inexpedient - it is quite expensive.

Interior Design Program

Another product, with which you canmake the interior design - the program Sweet Home 3D. Of course, it is weaker in capabilities than PRO100 (for example, there is no possibility to expose the dimensions in millimeters), but still its functions are quite enough for designing. A rich set of components, a simple and intuitive interface make the development process a relatively easy task. The main advantage of this solution is that everything is free. Both the main module and the libraries really belong to the class of free software, and you can download them on the official website without problems and install. There is also the possibility of viewing the result of work from the top and creating a video that will allow you to view the finished result.

3D Interior Design Program

Another program of interior design is GoogleSketch Up. In terms of its functionality, it is a complete analog of Sweet Home 3D. And also absolutely free. For ease of development, the developers posted on the official site a fairly large video course. After viewing it, you can start designing. The features of the product are expanded using additional modules and libraries, which can also be downloaded there.

Any 3D interior design program allowsget the final result even before the repair begins. At the same time, if you do this yourself, you can achieve significant savings by not using the services of a specialist of the appropriate profile. The first product belongs to the professional class, it is only available in the demo version for home use. The limitations of such a version nullify the advantages that it contains. But the last two programs are free and they are just perfect for such an application. Therefore, the software that is recommended for designing interior design - the program Sweet Home 3D or Google Sketch Up. In terms of equipment, these are absolutely identical products, and the final choice between them will depend only on the personal preferences of the user.