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Google Chrome's "Traffic Saving" extension

The article will deal with howsaving traffic in Google Chrome. This mode is also called "Turbo", and almost everyone watched it in browsers such as Yandex Browser or Opera. However, in Google Chrome this component is not available, and you will not be able to save traffic. In order to keep up with competitors, application developers have made a special extension - "Traffic Saving" (in Google Chrome specifically). If you do not know how to install it, then this article will be useful to you.

How to find and install an extension

In order to find the "Economy" functionyou need to go to the same menu in Google Chrome.To do this, find and click the "Menu" button in the upper right part of the window.The context menu will open, in it hover over "Additional tools" and select "Extensions".

saving traffic in google chrome

You will see a tab in which to displayall the extensions that you have installed at the moment. Then you need to go to the store, to do this, go to the bottom and click on the "More extensions" link.

So you went to the same store. In order not to waste a lot of time and not to search for the "Saving traffic" mode in Google Chrome manually, it's better to use the search. The search string is in the left panel at the very top, enter there "data saver".

You will see all the results of the search. We are interested in the "Extensions" section, where the first one is listed and the required utility "Traffic Saving" should be located. In Google Chrome, to install it, you must click "Install." Next, you need confirmation, agree - and start downloading and installing.

How to enable the extension

If everything went well, and "Traffic Saving" was installed in your browser, then at the top of the window, next to the "Menu" button, there should be an extension icon.

Expanding traffic in google chrome

To turn it on, press the LMB toicon. A menu will open. By ticking it, enable the traffic saving by unchecking. Also here you can watch statistics that will show the amount of saved traffic.