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Motherboard Foxconn N15235. Specifications and reviews of owners

A universal motherboard inThe LGA775 processor socket is Foxconn N15235. Technical specifications, a list of supported processors and other important features of this solution will be further considered in detail. This component allows you to collect both low-cost, entry-level computing systems, and premium, high-performance computers.

foxconn n15235 specifications

Main settings

Socket LGA775 underlies the motherboardmodel Foxconn N15235. The technical characteristics mean that there is support for all possible processor devices for this platform, both outdated and the most recent ones. The card itself is in MATH format. As a result, it is universal and allows you to collect computers of any level.

Chipset and processors

The G31 chipset from Intel is the foundationFoxconn N15235. Its technical characteristics, as it was already noted earlier, allow the installation of any chip for LGA775. In the latter case, the list of processors includes the following models:

  • Budget Celeron for office and other low-performance computers.
  • Pentium for the implementation of all PCs of the middle price range.
  • Premium computers within LGA775 were based on Core 2Duo (2 core) and Core 2Quad (4 compute) chips.

Communication and Memory

The Foxconn N15235 motherboard is equipped witheven by the current standards, a communication set. First of all, you need to highlight the presence of a PCI E slot in the 16X version for installing a high-performance graphics adapter. He's only one. Also on this solution there is one more expansion slot PCI E in 1X version. In addition, this product is equipped with PCI slots. There are three of them. The list of ports consists of:

  • 2 PS / 2 slots that are used to connect the keyboard and mouse.
  • Four universal, functional ports of USB format revision 2.0.
  • Network jack RJ-45 to implement a network connection.
  • 3 audio jacks for switching with external acoustics.

This motherboard can work withRAM standard DDR2. Such slots 4, and in each of them can be installed a bar with a volume of 4 GB. That is, in this board in the maximum configuration can be set to 16 GB. The recommended frequency of memory chips is 400 MHz or 533 MHz.

motherboard foxconn n15235

Reviews. The cost. Summary

For its computing platform, the optimalthe solution is Foxconn N15235. Technical characteristics of it are really excellent and allow creating system blocks of any level of complexity and performance. But the LGA775 processor connector is now out of date, and only for this reason the component considered in this article has lost its relevance. It is this defect and the owners indicate in the reviews.