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Top Strategies on Android: Top 10

Today, more and more people are gaining popularitymobile gaming. Developers are more profitable to make several games on a smartphone and receive revenue than to spend huge money on large projects. Releases, as a rule, are cheap and undemanding to the "hardware" of the user's device. Particularly interesting gamers show to strategies in which you can kill time and seriously break your head. The article presents the top strategies on "Android", available for download from the Play Market.

10. Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

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The game belongs to the genre "Tower Defense", onlywill not have to defend, but attack. The plot of Anomaly Warzone Earth HD brings the gamer into the distant future. Humanity was attacked by aliens. It is against them that we have to fight. At the choice of the player is given a huge number of units and equipment. Beautiful graphics and easy management led the game into top strategies on "Android."

9. "Toy Defense 2: Toy soldiers"

A game in the genre of Tower Defense. You have to plunge into the battles of World War II. From your actions depends the development of the plot. There are several game modes, over 200 worked tasks that will make you think hard. Millions of downloads and hundreds of thousands of positive reviews make it clear that Toy Defense 2 is not in vain included in the top strategies on "Android."

8. Worms 2010

A famous game that went to manyplatform. The gameplay drags on for long hours. You can play alone or with friends. A lot of maps and options for passing exactly will not leave indifferent any gamers. In addition, Worms 2010 received beautiful graphics and easy management.

7. The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Defense

In the top strategy on the "Android" was to getgame on the famous franchise. It was ported, but it took over all the features of the original. Each unit is perfectly drawn, all actions are accompanied by pleasant animation. There are several game modes, a lot of maps that will transfer to recognizable places from the movie. Fans of the trilogy will definitely be satisfied.

6. "Townspeople"

An excellent game that just could not help but feelget into the top of the best strategies on "Android." You have to build the city of your dreams, and you'll have to start from a small village. The game carries away for long hours with its atmosphere, pleasant picture and audio accompaniment. At the moment, "Gorozhans" have downloaded more than 10 million times.

5. Star Front: Collision HD

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A fascinating strategy in real time, where inthe player is given control of the player. You have to build buildings, strengthen the base and defend themselves against attacks by opponents. There is an opportunity to play for three races, which are radically different from each other. Magnificent 3D graphics and detailed animation will definitely not get bored.

4. Stick War Legacy

Loved many Stickman again returns toscreens of mobile phones and falls into today's top 10 strategies on "Android." At your disposal is given a few little men who need to defend their territory and make raids on the enemy. As you pass, new units are opened, which are even more powerful. The game received high-quality animation and easy management, as well as a variety of additional quests.

3. Majesty

Tactical strategy for "Android", in whichto fulfill the duties of the ruler of the state. The game is launched even on devices with weak hardware. There are 10 characters, each has his own skills, weapons and armor. In the opponents will get detailed monsters of several types. The tasks in the game are many, so you will not be bored.

2. Sid Meier's Civilization: Revolution 2

Modified version with even more features. Fans of the game on the personal computer will obviously remain satisfied with the port, because now it is possible and on the smartphone to capture the rival states. The player is given a choice of several rulers, each of which has distinctive features. Develop science, build cities, create combat units and capture enemy countries to become the most famous leader.

1. European War

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The game gives you the opportunity to dive into the battles of 18 and19th century. To defeat the opponent will have to try none of the tactics. The game is really complicated and requires endurance, which attracts millions of gamers around the world. Animation of fights, beautiful graphics and simple management make the European War a real find for a fan of strategy.