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ASRock G31M-GS motherboard: specifications and specifications

Motherboard with a minimum set of functionsbudget level for the LGA 775 platform from one of the leading manufacturers of computer equipment is the ASRock G31M-GS. On its basis it is possible to assemble an excellent office system unit or even a multimedia station. In theory, on its basis, you can make a gaming PC, but in such a situation the use of such a product is not entirely justified. For these purposes, other products of the LGA 775 platform were provided.

asrock g31m gs

For which PCs is it made?

The solution of the initial level was the systemASRock G31M - GS board. The characteristics of this product is proving once again. The form factor is MicroATX and only two slots for RAM. Therefore, the niche of this product is the least productive personal computers with the lowest possible cost. In the segment of budget products, cost comes first and then productivity. It was from this position that this motherboard was an excellent solution.

The board design and its component base

ASRock G31M - GS is made as beforenoted in the form factor MicroATX. Its dimensions are 183mm x 244mm. Almost in the center of the top half of the board is a LGA775 processor socket. To the left of it is a strip of peripheral wired ports, and to the right - RAM slots, power connector and hard disk connection connector. Just under the processor socket and right in the middle of the board is the north bridge of the set of system logic, which is hidden behind a massive aluminum radiator. Even lower behind him in a row lined up expansion slots of the motherboard. At the very bottom of them is the connector for connecting the floppy drive. In the lower right corner of the board are the connectors for connecting the front panel of the PC case, the south bridge of the chipset (it is also behind the aluminum radiator) and the ports for connecting SATA drives. Separately note the capacitors that were used in this product. Instead of the usual electrolytic ones with a reduced service life, in this case we used solid-state ones with a service life increased to 2 times.

motherboard asrock g31m gs r 2 0

Chipset, CPU and socket

As a set of system logic in thisIn this case, the chipset G31 from Intel was used. It was designed to build the most affordable personal computers with a minimum level of performance. The socket in this case, as noted earlier, is LGA775. Well, ASRock G31M-GS motherboard could install single-core and dual-core semiconductor processors of Celeron and Pentium lines, dual core higher-end solutions Core 2 Duo and even quad-core Core 2 Quad, which were intended for installation in the previously mentioned socket.

Ports and Slots

ASRock G31M-GS is equipped with such peripheral ports:

  • 2 ports of the PS / 2 standard. One of them, green, is designed to connect to a PC manipulator. The second one is purple, and a plug from the keyboard should be installed in it.

  • 4 ports of "USB" version 2.0.

  • 3 3.5 mm ports for speaker system organization.

  • 1 COM port.

  • 1 graphics port of the VGA standard.

  • 1 network port RJ-45 for connecting a PC to a local network using a twisted pair.

In turn, the list of slots for installing external controllers in this case was represented by the following list:

  • 1 PCI Express slot 1X for installing new modifications to expansion controllers.

  • Right under it, PCI Express version 16X was introduced, and it was the only one. Therefore, only one discrete graphics accelerator could be installed in such a motherboard.

  • 2 PCI slots for installing earlier versions of expansion controllers.

It should also be noted that with thisthe layout of the motherboard and the use of a two-slot productive video card in the PC, one of the PCI slots will be occupied by the graphics adapter, and the additional controller can not be installed in it.

motherboard asrock g31m gs

Integrated graphics solution

This board is based on a chipsetG31. It included an integrated graphics accelerator - X3100 from Intel. The level of its speed is minimal, and it could be used only to build office computers, which have minimal graphics performance requirements. In other cases it was necessary to use an additional discrete accelerator.


Now in a new state of such a motherboardit is already impossible to buy, and this is not surprising: since the times of LGA 775, Intel's processor platforms have been updated many times, and with them also sets of system logic. In the second-hand state, this solution can at the moment be purchased for 3000 - 5000 rubles on various trading floors. And it can be like the motherboard ASRock G31M - GS R 2. 0, and its older version without the index R2.0. So when buying, you need to specify which version of the motherboard in question.

asrock g31m gs specs


ASRock G31M-GS is an excellent motherboardto create an entry-level system unit. It is perfect for office tasks. Also, she can cope with the tasks that are entrusted to an entry-level multimedia station. And to solve more serious problems, one must already look toward more serious motherboards in a completely different price niche.