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Tell you what to open fb2

Reading e-books from the screen became todaylook absolutely natural. But in what format is it best to store and read such books? Reading them as ordinary text files, as it turned out, is not the most convenient option.

than to open fb2
At different times, severaldifferent versions of e-books. For example, the well-known pdf format allows you to create high-quality, beautifully designed publications. It is great for publishing electronic copies of glossy magazines. You can also note the convenient and beautiful format djvu, which turned out to be very popular for creating computer books of technical and natural science subjects. Both of these views look nice when viewed, but these e-books can in some cases occupy a large enough volume - one hundred or even two hundred megabytes.

The full name of the fb2 format sounds likeFictionBook. It was made on the basis of the XML language. Practically it is a text file with markup. It was designed for this purpose so that it would be possible to create convenient reading programs on its basis, and also in order to be able to catalog books (to compile well-ordered libraries from them and conveniently manage them). By the way, unlike a regular text file, it is possible to store and display pictures. With the help of special program-cataloguers it is possible to compile entire libraries. Let's see how to open fb2.

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One of the most famous programs for this isFBReader. There are versions of this program for Windows, and for Linux, and for some other operating systems. It is distributed free of charge. Like other similar programs, it is possible to customize the fonts, change the background on which the text is displayed. In addition, she understands the formats of epub and mobi, which are very common in the English-speaking Internet. Can still read the formats doc and rtf. It is able to read directly from archive files of some types without decompression. A convenient feature of this program is that it remembers the last page read in all the electronic books that were viewed on it. But this is not the only such program. Let's see more than to open fb2.

There is a very interesting program ICE Book ReaderProfessional, which can also work with fonts, change the background of the text, remembers the last page read, makes it possible to make bookmarks. But in addition to this, it creates a visual image of an open book, designed in different styles, suitable for different types of texts. This program is known for its high-quality scrolling text material, which is characterized by a high degree of smoothness. There is a possibility to view a book that moves smoothly on the screen with a speed convenient for the reader. The program organizes its own library.

There are several more programs than opening fb2.One of them is AlReader. It allows you to read e-books fb2, epub, mobi, txt. And with its help not only is it possible to read fb2 on the computer, but also editing this format.

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I would also like to mention Haali Reader.This is a small, minimalistic, elegant program that can read fb2 and txt-files. Here it is possible to connect dictionaries for translation and use them by pointing the mouse cursor on the desired word.

There is one more known program than opening fb2. This is CoolReader. It has all the basic properties of similar programs.

The creation and development of the fb2 format made it possible to find a convenient and widely used format for storing electronic books.