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Pulse power supply - a reliable protector of electronic devices

Virtually any radio electronic equipmentrequires the use of power supplies. The fact is that the voltage of the network very often does not coincide with what most devices need, especially since they need to ensure a constant and uninterrupted power supply. Too low voltage or high jumps in the network quickly disable any technique. The solution to this issue has been found for a long time already - it is the use of a power supply unit that regulates the voltage and protects the device.

Impulse power block
Today, a linear and a pulsed unit is usedpower supply. The first was spread because of its simplicity, quick response to any changes in load and stability. But there are also disadvantages: low efficiency, cumbersome transformer, sensitivity to input voltage, as well as heat dissipation. For these reasons, linear power supplies are slowly being replaced by impulse ones, which have comparatively better characteristics.

In our time there is a miniaturizationequipment, therefore the transformer circuits of the PSU are already irrelevant. Pulse power supply has a huge number of advantages, among which is to save the winding material, and this is a reduction in the cost of the device, accurate dimensions, reliability, wide operating range. These qualities could not go unnoticed by radio amateurs and professionals. True, there is a drawback: even a simple switching power supply has a complex circuit in the assembly and configuration, but this fact does not stop real masters.

Switching power supply for amplifier
UPS though more expensive than conventional units, but they are notonly receive and transmit power to the devices, but also stabilize it, protecting themselves and cascades from various troubles. Today, a pulsed power supply for the audio frequency amplifier, microcontroller-based devices, automation equipment and for various other equipment is widely used. Initially, they were used in television receivers and various video equipment.

The switching power supply has already proven itselfAs an economical, reliable and easy to use device. Now the manufacturers are only improving the existing models in terms of miniaturization of the element base, as well as improving the reliability of the device itself.

Simple Switching Power Supply
There is a huge number of UPS schemes, butthey work practically on the same principle. A single-cycle generator is powered by the rectified mains voltage, a pulse transformer with secondary rectifiers is a load, and consumers are feeding from them. Depending on the model, the generator can be externally launched or self-excited. In the key mode, the transistor of the generator works. When it is closed, all energy goes into the load, and when open - in the pulse transformer, energy is accumulated.

The switching power supply transforms andstabilizes the electrical energy from the AC power grid to the power needed to power the various equipment. Voltage in the network is variable, which is not suitable for many devices and shortens their useful life. The power supply unit protects the equipment by passing only an acceptable voltage that does not exceed the specified limits.