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Review RYSE: Son of Rome on PC

Lovers spend their free time forcomputer or game console often have to face one global problem - choosing a quality game. Indeed, to pick up an interesting and exciting project is very difficult: the graphics are not beautiful enough, the plot is too simple, then the quests are incomprehensible. To make sure that the new game will fit all the parameters for you, it is worth studying a small overview of it. Ryse: Son of Rome is one of the most interesting historical sagas that can impress both on technical characteristics and on its schedule.

review Ryse: Son of Rome
But more about everything.

About the game

To begin with, note that the game is a long time agothere is in the web, because it has almost turned a whole year. Critics and developers themselves refer this project to the slasher genre, and you can play this game from different platforms, starting with a PC and ending with a PC. In the past, Ryse: Son of Rome was positioned for the console of the new generation of Xbox One. The developers themselves - Crytek - are professionals in their field. They made the game worthy of being advertised on large venues. The creators themselves demonstrate their projects not for the first time. One of the most outstanding and previously released games can be considered a shooter Crysis, but still we will pay attention to the project "Rice". To understand that the saga of the Roman Empire is worthy of attention, it is enough to study this review.

review of the game Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome - this is an epic saga, the main component of which are military feats and battles.

The plot is based on the threat of the disappearance of the wholeempire, and only the true defenders are ready to take the side of an entire civilization and save it from collapse. Barbarians too much to win will have to work hard.

The beginning of the game and plotting

Whatever the game, it has a beginning, there isits own background, which can also be reviewed. Ryse: Son of Rome begins with the deposition of the bloodthirsty barbarians of the whole of Rome. The participant becomes a pretorian in the game - this is the commander of defense. The situation at you, as at the commander, pitiable: walls collapse, strengthenings have ceased to carry out the function. The task of the commander is to protect the emperor and the population, but whatever the praetorian does, leads to the fact that terrible memories from the past emerge, generating usually the desire to avenge the death of a close native person. In general, the whole storyline is based on such memories.

Ryse: Son of Rome review on pc
But there is something else in this game, and so it's worth to study her review. Ryse: Son of Rome has its pros and cons, and, unfortunately, not the most impressive part is the gameplay of the game.

Minimum goals, maximum enemies

What is not particularly pleasing in this game is the gameplay. A corridor slash with a narrow focus and typology of tasks can quickly bore the participant. The thing is that, apart from the constant destruction of the opponent, there is nothing else to do here. For example, some location is given: the task will consist only in the destruction of all enemies in the given territory. Only their number and power will change. That's why the goal in the game is not the most outstanding - just to kill the barbarians who want to conquer the empire. This is not pleasant to everyone. But what can be especially gratifying if you carefully study the game review? Ryse: Son of Rome - a unique project, and the plot with its locations - the only nuance. The balance of the scale outweighs the stunning graphics. Here the artists displayed the highest level of their professionalism and knowledge of the matter.

Ryse: Son of Rome Review in English
Every detail, every detail is worked out so,that, in principle, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish a picture from a video report from the scene of events. The effect of presence here is fully developed: everything is realistic and believable.

"Cinematic" effect - the key to the success of the game

On the chart it is worth dwelling in more detail, after all, byThis is the main advantage, which has won hundreds of thousands of participants. First, the graphics are hyper-realistic. Traced details are a big plus, but there is a second moment - it's emotional. Imagine, the sharp sword of the character pierces the body of the enemy, and he feels unbelievable pain and falls to the ground. The peculiarity of the game is that it pays attention to emotions. The participant will see how the barbarian's face reflects all the pain, how he regrets that he came to the battle - this is what pleases most in Ryse: Son of Rome. Overview in Russian allows you to understand whether it is worthwhile to start this project and spend your free time on it, or not.

What do the participants say?

Developers' statements about theirproject, as a rule, enthusiastic, but what the participants say, who tried to go through the game, always looks different, somehow gloomier. But this game is really not perfect, which, in fact, is evidenced by the game Ryse: Son of Rome review. On PC, the game comes with stunning graphics - it's hard not to notice, but what the participants mark next, it's a boring and monotonous plot. Yes, there is a pumping of the character, you can improve combat skills, but in addition nothing more can be achieved - neither the title of the emperor nor the world authority. Even at the end of the game the participant will still remain the commander of his defense. Not the brightest prospect. But often participants and the positive side of the game. This is the engine. The games run without lags, the textures do not hang, and if the blood splashed to the side, it will necessarily hit the screen in the form of streaks, not a red circle.

Ryse: Son of Rome on pc review
Everything is realistic and believable. Nice and surprised that the game is Ryse: Son of Rome on the PC. The review of this project, created by us, also includes one more moment - this is the impression of the game.

Emotions and impressions

What is remarkable about this game isalmost complete absence of tension. A participant performs missions, passes one stage after another. There is no chase or sharp plots: the commander rushes into the battle, his task is to destroy everyone, who is on the map. Could not cope - start again. In general, the game is pretty good, as evidenced by this review.

Ryse: Son of Rome PC version is worth it so that you will pass it, try it your forces and liberate the Roman Empire. The epic saga, very colorful and bright, drawn in detail, delivers aesthetic pleasure. But if we talk about "achievements", then the developers, of course, did not succeed.

review Ryse: Son of Rome pc version
There is no string in the game that would capture, there is no swirling plot, which is so lacking.

The result

In general, Ryse: Son of Rome pretends to be the best, but only if you position it as a picture. This is, by and large, a full-fledged toy for the Xbox One or PC console, but because of the lack of a cool story, it did not get into the rating lists. However, it's a matter of taste. Even if a gamer is not a fan of historical themes, this game can still surprise. The detailed reproduction of the surrounding world will allow you to feel the whole mood of the era, and this can also be enjoyed. If the player does not know whether to try their hand or not, then you can firmly say: "Dare!" This game is worthy of attention, and if there is time, then it is worth spending it on this project. A few days - and all the barbarians will be destroyed, and the Empire is saved. Thanks to you!