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Planet Explorers: Overview

What to do if our place of wreckage has becomean unknown planet? We are sure that, despite all the oddity, this question has repeatedly worried the most curious of our readers. Such daredevils definitely will like the game Planet Explorers, in which you can try on the role of a real space pioneer.

Users from all over the world are already immersed inan exciting virtual story, filled with exciting gameplay elements in the genre of RPG. Our review on Planet Explorers will help to take a closer look at these and many other features.

planet explorers review

What is it and how to play it?

We begin our review of Planet Explorers with a smallexplanations of what this game is. The most correct name, which can be selected for description, is a sandbox with the open world. You can do anything in it: devote all your time to construction, explore new territories, perform quests, fight aggressive mobs, craft and much more.

It should be noted that the Russian version of PlanetExplorers is officially inaccessible due to the fact that the game does not support most languages. But do not worry, because there is a way out of this situation. If the prospect of playing in English does not appeal, you can always install a special crack that automatically changes the language.

About modes

We continue the review of Planet Explorers and tell you about the features of the passage. The game provides several modes, each of which will give users a completely different gameplay.

planet explorers russian version

First, you can choose between a single player and a multiplayer. Here everything is simple: the first mode we go alone, enjoying the plot, but the second is designed for two people or a small company.

Secondly, the single player is divided into two more typespassing. In the first, in the "adventure" mode, the gameplay revolves around the quests and storyline, and in the second - the player gets complete freedom of action and is not burdened with compulsory tasks.

As we have already said, each passageindividually for different users. You can, for example, follow the story or show your own creativity and go on a journey through an endless and unexplored world. In any case, the choice is always for the player!

Overview of Planet Explorers: the plot

The history of the game unfolds in the distant year of 2287.We are immediately thrown into a cycle of events in which we act as a nameless hero. Our ship crashed and fell to a distant planet. Initially, we had to fulfill the mission of colonization, but now the only task is to be able to survive in a dangerous alien world. In order for our hero to succeed in this difficult matter, we will have to study the planet, gather as much as possible the necessary resources to build tools and buildings, and establish contact with the indigenous people.

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Despite the fact that Planet Explorers issandbox, many gameplay elements are very different from what we are used to seeing in other similar games. Our hero will face a large number of diverse opponents, will be able to engage in agriculture and even become a real diplomat, building relationships with the indigenous population of the planet.