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How to download music to your iPhone automatically and manually

If you just purchased your very firstiPhone or previously only used its main functions, you should understand that this device Apple offers many additional functions, including can act as an excellent digital music player. Instead of carrying a separate MP3 player or PMP, you can easily carry the iTunes library with your iPhone. So, how does the music download on the iPhone?

how to download music on iphone

Before copying music files

Use the version of iTunes correspondingmodern requirements - make sure that you have installed the latest release of this software. Itunes should automatically test this at startup, but you can also force check for updates by clicking on the "Help" menu and selecting "Check for updates". If this software is not already on your computer, you can download it from the official site. Remember that the program for downloading music to the iPhone (iTunes) performs only one-way synchronization. This means that any songs on your device that are not on your computer will be deleted from your smartphone when connected.

download music to iphone

Connecting iPhone

Using the dock connector provided togetherwith an iPhone, connect it to a computer - usually a USB port. Start iTunes and in the left pane, find the "Devices" section. After that, click on the displayed name of your device.

Automatic way to transfer music

The easiest way to download music toiPhone, is to use the automatic synchronization method. To do this, on the main panel of the Itunes window, click the Music menu tab located at the top of the screen. Make sure that the check box next to the MusicSync option is enabled - enable this option if necessary. To enable the copying of all your music tracks, click the button located next to the option for all music. If you want to select only some songs from the iTunes library, you need to click on the button next to "Favorite playlists, artists, albums and genres". Finally, to automatically start music sync on iPhone, click the "Apply" button to start the transfer process.

program for downloading music on iphone

How to download music on iPhone using the manual settings

If you do not want iTunes to automaticallytransferred music to the iPhone, you can configure the program to manually synchronize. This method will allow you to exercise more control over what is being copied to your device. Before you can do this, you need to switch from automatic to default mode. To do this, follow these steps: at the top of the main screen of iTunes go to the "Menu" tab. Check the box next to the Manage Music Manually option. Finally, click the "Apply" button to save the settings.

How to download music on iPhone in this way?

Now that the iTunes sync mode is changedto manual tuning, you can start selecting the songs and playlists that you want to copy. In the left pane of the Itunes window, find the "Library" section and select "Music". Now you can easily drag songs to your iPhone via the icon located in the left panel in the "Devices" section. If you want to copy a large volume of songs, make a choice by pressing the CTRL key. Talking about how to download music on the iPhone manually, you can resort to the use of iTunes playlists. They are easy to install and will save a lot of your time during synchronization. If you previously created such playlists, simply drag them through the gadget icon located in the left pane. In addition, be sure to follow the settings of iTunes for the amount of free space left on your device.