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The best strategy for war on the PC

To date, there is a hugea variety of computer games - there are dozens of different genres, each of which finds its fans. One of the oldest and most popular genres is strategy - here you are invited to manage a group of characters or even an entire base to achieve specific goals or simply destroy the enemy. Naturally, there are different versions of games of this genre, which can also be divided into sub-genres - it can be both a classic real-time strategy, and a turn-based strategy, tactical and even global. All of them have their own interesting features, which can be liked by this or that gamer. Moreover, it is worth noting that in strategic games the themes of the Second World War are often chosen. The strategy for the war can attract a lot of gamers, it can offer a variety of both units, and plot twists and missions, and you do not need to invent anything - you can take everything from history. However, there are games that stand out against the others. And if you want the best strategy for war, then you should look at the following options.

Company of Heroes

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At the moment the most popular and successfulstrategy for the war, namely World War II is the Company of Heroes, which is presented in two parts, each of which deserves attention. Here everything that you could only dream about is presented - a huge variety of combat units, types of equipment, each of which you can pump over time. There is a large number of story missions and individual tasks, and most importantly - in the second part there was a multiplayer mode. It was he who made the game so popular, although without it the first part is one of the best strategies in history. If you need bright impressions, dynamic fights and ample opportunities - this is the best strategy for a war that you can come up with.


Strategies for the World War

The release date of this strategy for the World Waris quite old. But this does not make it worse. The fact is that among tactical strategies this is definitely, if not the best, then one of the most impressive. The peculiarity of this project is the maximum realism of what is happening. In conventional real-time strategies, you simply need to deal a large amount of damage to defeat the enemy. Here you will have to seriously strain your brains to develop the most reasonable tactics, and also to implement it correctly. You will not be able to simply crush the enemy by the number - you will need to think which units are best to be sent against one unit of the enemy, and which ones - against the other. Correctly selected troops and competent strategy will allow you to win even with much less forces. If we talk about games about the war in 1941, strategy in particular, then this project is definitely one of the best.

"Behind the Enemy Lines"

This project also refers to tacticalstrategies and in many respects similar to "Blitzkrieg". It also has an incredibly high quality, you again have to think a lot about how to dispose of the data you need most rationally, as you will not be able to create new troops. However, to highlight this game is also for one more reason - after all its creators are Ukrainian developers. Rarely Slavic igrodely produce high-quality products that are becoming popular not only in the territory of the country of production, but all over the world - even to the point of being even localized and translated into English. So if you are interested in strategy games about the war of 1941-1945 - this is what you need.


As you already understood, tactical strategies, where notyou need to build bases and create units, and the emphasis is on the tactical approach - these are the most popular games about the First World War, the strategies for the Second World are just as much more popular with the tactical bias. Now R.U.S.E is one of the most popular strategies of this subject.

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Hearts of Iron

Against the backdrop of all other strategies is the projectHearts of Iron, because it does not look like any other games at all. The fact is that this is a global strategy that covers much more than just single battles and battles. Here you choose which country you will play for, get your territory - and you need to establish the economic, political and other branches of your state, create troops and fight off enemy attacks, go on the attack to capture the territory of the enemy on a global map that completely repeats The real map of Europe, broken into small play areas.

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This is a real masterpiece that will make you thinkvery, very much, every little thing here can decide the outcome of the war. Therefore, if you want to feel yourself not just a platoon commander on one mission, but a real commander-in-chief commander who manages the entire army of the whole country at once, then this game is ideal for you.

Other projects

 games about the First World War strategy

Also worth noting games that can notdirectly call military strategies, as they often are not completely about the war. For example, you can take the game Red Alert, which took its roots from the popular project Command & Conquer, a fantastic strategy, which takes place on distant planets. At the same time, Red Alert is a strategy for World War II, but unrealistic, that is, here fictional conflicts, fictional units of technology - this is a classic real-time strategy, where you need to rebuild the base and create units that, more often than not, differ from each other only in terms of basic indicators of the amount of health, damage being inflicted, speed of movement, and so on.