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Windows could not start the Security Center service: how to fix the problem?

Security in Windows ondefault is activated and is responsible for the operation of its own components (firewall, Windows Defender, Smart Screen in Windows 10), and also controls antivirus packages and other similar software. But sometimes the system can not be enabled or enabled in the automatic mode, and this component can not be used, and accordingly a corresponding notification is issued that Windows could not start the Security Center service. How to eliminate the consequences of this situation, now and will be considered. The proposed solutions are equally applicable to all versions of the system, regardless of modification and assembly.

Unable to start the Windows 7 Security Center service or higher: the causes of the error

If the launch of this service is impossible, the simplest conclusion arises of the reason for the appearance of this situation: something prevents it from being activated or the service is disabled intentionally.

failed to start the Security Center service

As for the second case, it is hardlyadministrator or ordinary user will disable this service. There remains an external impact or program failures, as a consequence. However, even if a user receives a warning that the system was unable to start the Security Center service, the problem can be solved and even very simple. First, you should at least check the computer for viruses, using the same standard antivirus scanner, portable or disk utilities. Now let's look at software failures.

Could not start the Windows Security Center service 8, 7, 10: how to fix the crash?

First of all, you should look at the statethe service itself. To do this, we call the "Run" console (Win + R), set the services.msc command in it and start it on behalf of the Administrator, and then agree with the permission to make changes in the system by this application.

failed to start the Windows 7 Security Center service

You can access the administration of services andfrom the "Control Panel" by selecting the appropriate section. You can also use the computer control line from the menu that is called through the right click on the computer icon or on the icon in the "Explorer".

In the right part of the window, find the line withthe name of the service and look at the type of launch that was set. If the value differs from the automatic type, the system will with enviable persistence issue a message stating that it failed to start the service of the security center.

failed to start the Security Center service windows 8

The correction of the situation is toactivate this component. To do this, call the parameter editing window with a double click, and then go to the general parameters tab. In the startup type line from the list of available modes, select automatic (deferred), then click on the service start button ("Start") and apply the settings by clicking the "OK" button.

Additional Actions

Now, in order to avoid the message that the system was unable to start the Security Center service, you need to make sure that it is activated in the future.

For this, in the main section, we look atapplied parameter. If it has not changed, you must repeat the above steps for the Windows Services Instrumentation (WMI) and the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service. If the settings are correctly executed, this situation will not happen again.

If all the above actions resultdo not give, Microsoft experts recommend to restart the system in a safe mode, after which to activate the service described in the first part. For secondary services, you do not need to manually change the start type in this case. Access to safe mode in all systems except the tenth is done by pressing the F8 key at the download stage. But in Windows 10, you can return this mode by downloading one time from the installation disk and performing some simple configuration actions. However, this is another topic. What can I apply yet?

Some experts recommend usingchanging the keys of the system registry, but I think this is not the best way to include the service, because it is quite complicated. And without proper knowledge in the registry is better not to be introduced, because it is possible to disrupt the working capacity of Windows in general. And do not use any kind of automated utilities or optimizers. Anyway, their application will not give the desired effect, although some developers say the opposite. In this case, the above method, apart from editing the registry entries, is the only effective solution to fix the problem. And remember that the activation of the service should be performed only with the rights of the administrator, otherwise there will not even be access to the corresponding section provided by the system. In the rest everything is simple, so the proposed method of special difficulties should not be called, and any user can perform such actions, even without special knowledge. It is enough to follow these instructions.