/ Lenovo Netbooks - Pros and Cons.

Netbooks Lenovo - for and against.

The modern market is literally floodedoffers laptops. But most of these products are of considerable size, which makes them more difficult to use. For this reason, more compact variants began to appear, which everyone knows as netbooks. Lenovo is a company that has clearly succeeded in this field. It has launched a huge number of models for every taste and budget. Consider these products in more detail.

A few words about design

Lenovo netbooks are pretty much stand out in the overallline. Several factors contribute to this. The first thing to note is the thickness and mass of products. Both of these parameters are very encouraging. Overview Lenovo netbooks indicate that the reduction in the thickness of the device does not affect the performance and cooling. Separately, mention should be made of the top cover, since almost all models have an original logo and pattern on it, which makes the product original.

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The lid itself has a glossy surface thatcan be attributed to minuses, as it is quickly scratched. Allocate Lenovo netbooks and inserts under chrome, visually it raises the cost of the device. A feature of the design of almost all products from this manufacturer is a very small edging around the screen. The exception in this rule are models with speakers on the top cover. The keyboard for most of the devices has a non-standard key layout, which somewhat complicates the work at first.


Talk about this parameter does not make much sense,because most of the products are designed to work on the Internet. Lenovo netbooks have relatively powerful processors in comparison with analogs. To install more efficient processors requires additional cooling, which will affect the size. Video memory on the devices is integrated, which excludes the possibility of installing modern games, but it's enough to watch video in good quality.

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Separately, it should be said about RAM,it can be increased by installing an additional board. This feature is possessed by the vast majority of Lenovo products. The hard disk is installed in a classic way, as in any other analog, the only advantage is that the modern bus provides faster access to it.

Connectors on the device

The vast majority of models haveclassic set of ports. First of all, it should be said that for a full-fledged use it is necessary to buy an external device for reading CDs. This fact can be attributed to shortcomings, but it should be remembered that no manufacturer of netbooks does not complete this product with this addition.

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Further, depending on the model, there are 2 to 3outputs USB, and at least one of them has version 3.0, which significantly improves performance. Common for all models is a connector for connecting an additional monitor or TV. It is also possible to connect a microphone and speakers. There is a network connector for accessing the network. It should be said about the built-in devices - these include Wi-Fi, camera and Bluetooth.

Repair and maintenance of netbooks Lenovo

Next, we answer the question that torments manyowners: how to disassemble Lenovo netbook? Everything is done quite simply - you only need a screwdriver "+", a thin object (for example, a plastic card), hands and patience. To start, the device lays down the top cover. Now loosen the bolts that hold the covers of RAM and hard drive. Depending on the model, they can be located under either one or under separate covers. Then the above-mentioned components are removed.

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Then the remaining screws are unscrewed, butremember that many products have fixing bolts under the rubber feet - they should also be dismantled. Now, using a flat object, the bottom cover is detached, and the parsing is finished. If you want to repair Lenovo netbooks, parsing should continue until the access to the failed part is available. It should be remembered that some models have a removable keyboard, in which case there are also mounting screws.

To summarize, it should be said that these compactmodels from a well-known manufacturer are constantly being modernized. Today you can find models equipped with a rotary touch screen. These variants of products are developing rapidly and filling shop windows.