/ / Program for kitchen design: SketchUp, PRO100, KitchenDraw. Kitchen Designer

Program for kitchen design: SketchUp, PRO100, KitchenDraw. Kitchen Designer

To date, quite a lot of programs,which allow you to design a future apartment. Such applications allow not only to think over the options for interior decoration, but also to arrange furniture more comfortably. For some, such software is an ordinary designer, which makes it possible to create an original room design from existing elements, and for someone - a product that has many functions for visualization and modeling. As a rule, similar applications have libraries of three-dimensional objects. Programs for kitchen design in Russian allow for half an hour to compose a project and place furniture. Such applications are in demand not only for their professionals, but also for ordinary users. Which one to choose?

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Sweet Home 3D

This program is suitable for kitchen design,bedroom, living room and even a bathroom. Sweet Home 3D is a fairly simple tool that allows you to create a project for interior decoration of a room. The application is absolutely free and is designed for ordinary users who do not have the skills to work with similar software. The interface of the program is simple and understandable. Working with Sweet Home 3D does not cause much difficulty. In a short time, you can choose not only the color gamut, but also choose the material for finishing the surfaces.

Features of the program

If necessary, after the project is created, you canmove the interior items to the layout of the room. It should be noted that this approach does not have some flexibility. After all, the program can only use the elements that are available in its catalogs. But at the same time, this makes the design process more understandable and accessible.

The Sweet Home 3D application allows you to createa three-dimensional image of the room in just a few minutes and evaluate whether this or that material is suitable for finishing surfaces. For convenient work with the program you can download additional catalogs of accessories from the official site.

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Google SketchUp

The program SketchUp is suitable for those who have not yetquite versed in 3D graphics. This application is a good alternative to paid software. If you want, you can purchase a more extended version of the program. But for a beginner, it's enough for free. After all, it contains all the necessary elements and tools for planning, creating apartment designs and for 3D modeling.

It should be noted that the software has an intuitiveinterface. A similar program for kitchen design allows you to draw standard shapes: arcs, circles, rectangles, trapezoids and so on. Each element can be given a volume and specify all the necessary dimensions. Of course, the standard set in the application is not very large. But if necessary, you can download additional catalogs of objects from the official site. In addition, the program provides ready-made projects, based on which you can create a more original plan for the kitchen.

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This program for kitchen design allowsefficiently and quickly design the interior of a room of any size. It should be noted that the software KitchenDraw is very convenient. It is usually used by private studios engaged in the design of interiors. The application allows you to create your own catalog of items.

In addition, you can make all kinds ofreports and estimates, organize processes related to sales, for example: currency management, VAT, discounts, pricing and so on. In this case, the software has a simple interface. Similar kitchen design programs, free of charge which can be downloaded from the official website, are easy to use. The application makes it possible to create a three-dimensional image of the room already with finished decor and arranged interior items.


This is not an ordinary program for kitchen design. It is a professional set of all kinds of tools needed to create projects in the field of construction, modeling and architecture. Soft has many advantages. However, it is designed for professional designers, designers and architects. ArchiCAD is a complex of solutions for professionals, which allows you to maintain absolutely all documentation on the object, from stage-by-stage plans to construction and technical documentation and specification of all materials.

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Annex IKEA

This program for creating kitchen design wasIt is developed by the popular manufacturer of case furniture. This software is free and is a regular scheduler, the interface of which will be understandable even for the beginner. The application is calculated for those users who need to arrange more comfortable interior items in a room of certain sizes. Soft IKEA has catalogs in which the entire range of the company is represented.

In the application, you can calculate the cost offurniture, as well as save the project on the company's server. If desired, the user can complete the purchase, and the goods will be delivered from the nearest IKEA store. The disadvantage of the program is a limited catalog of interior elements. In this case, only IKEA furniture is presented.

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Program PRO100

To create a 3D interior design, you canuse the program PRO100. Such an application makes it possible to make your project premises using a computer mouse. PRO100 is a tool that every designer needs. Such a program for the design of the kitchen, bedroom, living room and other facilities greatly facilitates the work of designers. The application allows you to view the ranked interior in seven projections. In some of them, you can automatically apply the dimensions of the designed room.

Features of PRO100

Soft is easy to use. It provides a good set of tools. Here there are effects such as speed, alignment, positioning, movement and so on. Each element of the application that participates in the creation of the project has its own window, where you can specify certain parameters for it, for example: type of materials, dimensions, name and so on. If necessary, individual parts can be correlated with a certain group of reports.

The PRO100 application has five light projections: realistic visualization, textures, colors, sketches, skeleton. For each of them you can use graphic effects, for example: stamping, outlining of contours, translucency and so on.

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The program "Kitchen Designer"

The program for kitchen design must have allnecessary tools. Otherwise, the project will turn out to be of poor quality and underdeveloped. Many manufacturers of cabinet furniture know that it is very difficult to please every consumer. Therefore, 3D-designers were created, which make it much easier to choose not only finishing materials, but also interior items. If necessary, the customer can independently create a draft of the future kit kitchen set.

To create a 3D interior design, you canuse the application "Kitchen Designer". This software allows you to create your own interior with the necessary parameters and colors. "Kitchen designer" does not require installation. It is enough to have a browser and access to the Internet. The resource allows you to create a kitchen design in a short time. After all, the application has a simple interface and offers a wide choice of interior and materials.