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How to make a lantern in "Maynkraft": components and their extraction

The game world in "Maynkraft" will developin the direction that is set directly by the player himself. Of course, each participant develops his universe uniquely, so you can often find automated wiring diagrams and various designs that can improve and lighten the life of a character. Naturally, where there is electricity, there must necessarily be light. Today we decided to hold a conversation about how to make a lamp in the Maynkraft and a lamp for your home. The above question is currently of great relevance, because you want to receive light not from a torch, but also from more modern solutions. In order to produce a lamp or a lamp, you need to know how to craft these items. After we indicate which constituent elements are necessary, we can safely go to their search and prey.


how to make a lantern in mayncraft
Skin of a green lantern for "Meincraft" at presenttime has a high popularity, if desired, and you can add it to your game process, giving it new colors. In order to create a lamp or a lantern, you will need to obtain red dust and a glowing stone. To get the first of the elements, you need to go down as deep as possible underground and extract the ore, then it should be melted down into the metal we need.

lower world

We will tell you how to make a lantern in "Maynkraft"for a short time and do not make a mistake in the recipe. In order for you not to have additional questions, and also you made the right crafting, we strongly recommend that you read this article carefully. In order to get the second material - luminous dust, you need to go to the Lower World, which is actually not so simple. In order to descend into hell, you must first create a portal.

Way under the lava

skin of a green lantern for maynkraft
How to make a lantern in "Maynkraft", you alreadypractically you know, but here with the extraction of luminous dust you may have problems, since the source stone is not so easy to find. In addition, few users know what it looks like. The glowing stone is similar to stalactites, which hang from the ceiling, it is spotted, and the color is yellow-olive. Difficulty in mining this material can occur because it is located directly under the lava, respectively, in front of you there is a serious danger. If you already have all the necessary materials to create a new subject, then the question of how to make a lamp in the "Maincrafter" is resolved.