/ / What if I do not have enough free Android memory to install applications?

What should I do if there is not enough free "Android" memory to install applications?

Often, downloading applications from the "Play Store",users see an error that says: "There is not enough free memory" of Android. "But do not worry, because this problem is solved quite simply.

Why is not enough free memory "Android"?

All users of smartphones based on the OS "Android"download games and utilities from the "Google Play". However, there comes a time when, during the installation of an application, it is interrupted and the words "Not enough free memory" of Android appear "." And this history repeats itself with all programs. Correct this problem is simple: you need to clean the device memory. This is done in the following ways:

  • get rid of temporary files and cache;
  • clear program data;
  • uninstall updates for some applications;
  • fix the error in Google play.

The first and one of the simplest waysfree the device that comes to mind is to remove unnecessary utilities and games or transfer them to a memory card. In the latter case, only the register of these programs and temporary files remain in the phone. To do this, go to Settings → Applications, go to the "All" tab and sort by size (for convenience). Find any program that you can move, open information about it, where we choose "Move to SD-card".

not enough free memory android

However, if there is really nothing to delete, and all programs are needed or already based on a flash drive, you can use other methods.

Clean the cache

In case there is not enough free memory"Android", the first thing you need to clean the cache. This will help us with special applications, such as Clean Master and Ccleaner. By the way, they are not only able to clear memory from temporary files, but also speed up memory, and also to delete unnecessary data from a memory card (music, photos, etc.).

Clean Master

Open the application, click on "Garbage". After the scan is over, mark the checkboxes with what you want to delete, then click clear. In addition, Clean Master will help you remove installed programs and speed up the processor (that is, stop utilities running in the background).

Clean Master


Start the CCleaner, click "Analysis". After the analysis, note what should be removed, then - "Clear". It is also possible to delete unnecessary files on the memory card.


Delete application data

In the event that after cleaning with specialutilities still do not have enough free memory of "Android", you can delete the data of some programs (for example, the log of search words in dictionaries, saved account and cache of downloaded pictures in social networks, save and accounts in games, etc.). Sometimes these data can weigh 20-50 MB, which does not interfere with the download of new programs.

Also go to the "Applications", which inselect all and sort by size. We open information about a utility and see how much space the data occupies. If a couple of megabytes or more - safely clean (if less, then it makes no sense). Click "Clear data" and "Clear the cache" (if there is, of course). Now the memory should be enough.

error is not enough free memory android

If the place is still not enough and"Android" writes "Not enough free memory", then you can easily "demolish" updates of some utilities, for example, the same Google play. However, it's worth remembering that all its settings will be deleted, so he immediately goes to update everything.

Problems with Google play

Often there are errors in Google play itself, whenpops up the error of "Not enough free memory Android", although in fact it is enough. To do this, you need to clean the cache in the "Play Store" itself and some of its components. However, you need to do this manually, since specialized utilities can not cope with this.

We pass into the "Settings" and, as usual, in the"Applications". Open the Google Play Store utility, go into it and click on "Clear the cache", then on the "Clear data". The same actions are performed with the components "Google Play services", "Downloads" and "Google services Framework".

android writes not enough free memory

Reboot the device. Then try again to download.