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God of War: passing an interesting game

God of War - a great game in the genre of "bloodythe main character is Spartan brave General Kratos, who fights with gods and their assistants.In God of War, the game can only be played on the Sony console.The debut of the series took place in the distant 2005. The toy immediately fell into the number of the best in its genre.

Basic moments

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And in the first parts of the game, and in the last part, leftrecently, the developers are not stingy on the schedule. It was possible to achieve incredible realism of all the characters and especially the main character Kratos. His weapon is a blade and a shield. As the game progresses, the protagonist improves his magical abilities and can fight enemies using magic tricks.


Of particular interest are the enemies.Their huge number, and they are very diverse. These include fauns, Persians, zombies, huge tigers, archers, minotaurs, Gorgons, Cyclops, harpies, basilisks. All of them, including gods, are characters of ancient Greek myths.

Passage of the game God of War is built on a single company. The plot is based on the famous myths of Ancient Greece. The game can be a good idea to study the history of this country.

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Features of the passage

In God of War, the passage of the game depends to a large extentfrom the application of special spheres. They come in several forms: red, blue, yellow, green. Their purpose is to restore health, magic, improve weapons and hero. Each sphere has its own field of application.

These spheres are in luminous trunks.But they can be found in ordinary. To enhance health and magic, you will have to obtain magic items - Phoenix feathers and Gorgon's eyes. The game is limited to the number of magic chests with secrets, and all of them can not be found, but those that fall on the way will be enough.

In God of War, the passage does not representcomplexity, the gameplay is common for games of this kind. This can be seen in the example of the passage of the initial mission of the last part of the game. So, the passage of God of War-3.

passage of god of war 3

In the first mission to fight with the boss onnamed Water Stallion. The tactic of fighting with it is to avoid claws and water jets, while damaging the enemy. After the victory, you should move to the rocks, destroying weak opponents along the way and collecting trophies in the form of chests.

In this part of God of War,easy, as a last resort it is possible to use tips. On the way the hero will disappear, which can be overcome with the help of Icarus wings. It is better to learn beforehand how to use them. Killing enemies, we overcome the abyss and enter into the action of the first point of conservation. It is made in the form of golden aurora. Then again there is a meeting with the Water Horse. The tactics of battling with him remain unchanged-we avoid a direct collision and exhaust the enemy with wounds. Such are the features.

After the victory, we squeeze through the gap in the rock andup the vine. We drag the column to the right place, along it we rise further and we meet Poseidon. The battle with him is the most difficult moment of this part of the mission and lasts long enough. The tactics again do not change - we evade and hit in response. Well, after the passage of Poseidon player waiting for the main plot of the game.