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100 Crypts: passing game

Today we will talk about the game 100 Crypts. The passage of levels will be discussed in detail in this material. Our goal is to open the doors. For this, it is necessary to overcome obstacles and solve problems.

Door, key and gate valve

So, we have the first level of the game 100 Crypts.Passage of it is reduced to a simple touch to the door to open it. The second level is on the turn. To pass it, we raise the key from the floor. With its help we open the lock. We press on the door.

100 crypts

Passage of game 100 Crypts on the third levelreduces to the unlocking of two latches. We pass to the fourth stage. Interact with the picture, take the key hidden behind it. Next in the queue is the fifth level. Press the stone several times. Behind him appears a huge button on which the face is depicted. Interact with it.

Wall, fire and rectangles

We came to the sixth level of the game 100 Crypts.The passage of it is to shake the mobile device. This will put out the fire. We pass to the seventh level. Using a hammer, we break the wall. She covers the door. Then comes the eighth level.

100 crypts passing levels

We flip the mobile device in such a wayso that the fireball goes up. Now we are in the ninth level. In turn, interact with all the gray rectangles. We pass to the tenth level. We tilt the mobile device to the right. The book should move to the red button. We are waiting for the door to open completely.

Candles, colors and numbers

Now consider level 11 in the game 100 Crypts.Passing it requires counting the same colors. Based on the results, we change the figures in the relevant sectors. The answer is 4-4-4-3. We pass to level 12. Shake the device. The candles are lit. They are placed in the appropriate positions. The right candle is installed in a similar niche. Next, place a candlestick with two lights. We place it in the upper niche. Then set the left candlestick. We send it to the appropriate niche. Go to level 13.

We study the Roman numbers depicted in the circle ondoors. We use the appropriate order of pressing. The next level is level 14. Use the lever before the box falls to the floor. We set it on fire with a flashlight. Go to level 15. We change the shades of the door elements so that they coincide with the colors of the wall stains. Then comes level 16. In the left basket we plant two large snakes. Now we need to place smaller creatures. We send them to the right basket.

passing game 100 crypts

Before us is level 17.On the shelves we place the items that correspond to the images on the door. On the left side, from the top down, we have a clock, a shield, and a skull. To the right is a goblet, a coin and a snake. Then comes level 18. Push the buttons, this will change the layers on the door. We pass to level 19. Pay attention to the floor and ceiling. We see the wrong reflection of the buttons with the scale. We do so that the elements coincide with their shadows. Five times press the left upper button located on the door. Next, go to the bottom left. We interact with it three times. Then press twice on the upper right button. In conclusion, we interact 8 times with the lower right element and one with the middle one.

So we figured out the most difficult riddles of the game 100 Crypts. The passage was described in great detail. Interesting games and great pastime!