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Borderlands 2 System Requirements and Overview

Borderland 2 - the continuation of the popular shooter fromthe first person with a hand drawn drawing style. The project was released in 2012 on personal computers and consoles of the previous generation. In this article you will find the system requirements Borderlands 2, a description of the essence of the game and the mechanics.

system requirements borderlands 2

What is the game about?

In general, the second part differs little from the first. The developers took the same mechanics, the same elements, improved them and added a new story. Despite the external simplicity, a lot has been done. This becomes clear with a more detailed acquaintance with the game.

The game is a cross between the traditionalaction from the first person with role-playing elements. As in the first part, you are given a choice of 4 characters. All the characters are different abilities and profession. The game provides a cooperative mode. In it, you can go through with three of your friends the storyline of the game.

Graphic arts

Graphics - one of the virtues of the game. The system requirements of Borderlands 2 slightly do not coincide with the real state of affairs. Despite the fact that the game is made in the style of comics, it is quite demanding on the hardware because of poor optimization on computers.

In some cases, such requirements are justified. All the action takes place in the open world, raid dungeons are constantly replaced by large open spaces, on which now and then fascinating landscapes are opened.

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System requirements Borderlands 2

To start the game on a minimum chart and withlow resolution will require the following computer: processor with 2 cores and 2.4 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, video card with 256 MB on board and support for DirectX9. To install on the hard drive you need 20 GB of free space.

System requirements Borderlands 2 for highthe following settings: 4-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and 512 MB of video memory. You will need to install Windows XP or newer to run. Older operating systems are not supported. Borderland 2 (PC) may require more computer resources. It all depends on your monitor and the preferred resolution for the game.